Character Bio - Valaine (Spoiler)

Name: Valaine

Level 100

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Race: Undead

Racial level:

Wamphyri (10)

Vampire (10)

True Vampire (10)

Blood-Mother (5)

Job level:

Dual Wielder (15)

Hemomancer (10)

Executioner (10)

Necroblade (10)

Blademaster (10)

Cursed Cleric (5)

Bloodbound Knight (5)

World Champion of Muspellsheim/ World Enemy: Gluttony

MP: 78





AGT: 100

RES: 65

SPC: 100

TOTAL: 768

|Racial Class Descriptions|

Wamphyri: A basic vampire race class characterized by its vampiric traits, such as immortality, fangs, and the need to consume blood to survive. Wamphyri have limited supernatural abilities like enhanced strength and speed but lack the more potent powers associated with higher vampire classes.

Vampire: A high vampire class with increased supernatural abilities compared to the basic Wamphyri. Vampires possess enhanced physical attributes, the ability to hypnotize or charm, and heightened senses. They can transform into creatures of the night like bats or wolves.

True Vampire: A high vampire class, the True Vampire possesses exceptional strength and speed. They often have mastery over various vampiric powers, including shapeshifting into more menacing forms, control over lesser vampires, and the absolute resistance to sunlight.

Blood-Mother: A rare vampire class characterized by their unique ability to create and control other vampires. Blood-Mother/Fathers are often seen as progenitors of vampire clans or bloodlines. They possess unparalleled authority over their offspring and may have access to ancient, arcane vampiric knowledge and abilities beyond those of common vampires.

|Job Class Descriptions|

Dual Wielder: A basic class proficient in the art of wielding two weapons simultaneously, specializing in agility, speed, and close-quarters combat, allowing them to strike swiftly and efficiently.

Hemomancer: A high  class that harnesses the power of blood to cast spells and manipulate life forces. They can control blood, causing harm to enemies or healing allies through their mastery of this unique element.

Executioner: A high  warrior class specializing in delivering powerful, precise, and fatal blows. They excel in dealing high damage in single strikes and possess skills related to execution and decapitation.

Necroblade: A high class that merges swordsmanship with necromantic magic. Necroblades wield enchanted or cursed blades, using them to drain life from foes, raise the dead, and invoke dark, death-related powers.

Blademaster: A high  warrior class with unmatched mastery of various bladed weapons. Blademasters are known for their exceptional swordplay, precision, and the ability to perform complex and devastating sword techniques.

Cursed Cleric: A high cleric class, Cursed Clerics focus on dark and malevolent magic, specializing in curses, debuffs, and anti-magic spells. They are adept at weakening opponents, disrupting spells, and spreading afflictions.

Bloodbound Knight: A rare paladin class bound to a dark covenant and oath. They draw power from their connection to an eldritch benefactor, involving blood rituals. They send the souls of their fallen foes to their patrons as part of their pact, a price of power.


Immense Strength: Valaine possesses immense physical attack surpassing the limit of 100, accumulating a 170 in physical attack. She can effortlessly obliterate an average level 100 player with just a single strike. (For reference: Cocytus who has a physical attack of 97, admits that he can defeat Zy'tl Q'ae in a single hit who has an estimated level of 80-85) 

Immense Speed: Her agility and speed have been maximized to 100. Valaine moves at hypersonic speeds (Mach 5).

Hyper-Regeneration: Although her defensive capabilities are not her forte, Valaine compensates with an astonishing ability to regenerate. Wounds that would be fatal to most are swiftly healed.

Battle Intellect: Valaine possesses exceptional tactical intellect. Her strategic acumen is honed through battles and experiences that allowed her to hold the title of World Champion until the game's conclusion. 


|Notable Abilities|

Telekinesis: Valaine possesses the power of telekinesis, enabling her to manipulate objects and exert force without physical contact. 

Compulsion (Enthrallment): Comes from the racial class Blood-Mother/Father, Valaine can dominate the will of beings weaker than her, compelling them to obey her commands. 

Metamorphosis: Valaine has the ability to undergo metamorphosis, allowing her to transform into various creatures, notably bats, wolves, and snakes. Her favorite form is a cat.

Reality Slash: Valaine's favorite, Reality Slash, is a 10th tier spell. This spell can cleave through the fabric of space, bypassing magical defenses. Due to her hybridization with Baal-Zebub, it enhances spatial related spells, greatly reducing its mana consumption and amplifying its offensive capabilities.

World Break: A World Champion skill, a more powerful version of [Reality Slash]. This ability completely disregards any form of resistance and armor at the cost of her own XP, making it her ultimate technique and trump card. Valaine rarely uses this.

True Strike Domain: Valaine can create a zone spanning from 10 to 35 meters in radius. Within this perimeter, her attacks are guaranteed to hit with 100% accuracy, regardless of the target's evasion or defensive skills. This domain can be amplified using widen magic, expanding its range to 350 meters. 

Dispel/Disrupt Magic: Drawing from her Cursed Cleric class, Valaine possesses the ability to disrupt ongoing magic and dispel spells up to the 7th level. 

Bloodbound Summoning: Despite her focus on offensive classes, this is her only highest and one summoner class. Through an exorcism ritual, she can summon childrens of her eldritch patrons to aid her in battle. However, these summoned entities must be defeated in combat during the exorcism ritual before they submit to her.


|Notable Items|

God-Flesheater Sword: A grotesque sword that was crafted from flesh, bones, and eyes. This is Valaine's signature weapon. The sword radiates negative energy, granting her continuous regeneration as long as it remains in her possession. With each strike, the God-Flesheater Sword channels a strong curse effect that decays the flesh of her oppenents, however it only works on physical bodies.

Bronte: A sword forged from lightning with a mesmerizing blue hue, Bronte serves as Valaine's secondary weapon. She wields it using its electrifying power to distance herself from opponents swiftly. Bronte's lightning-infused strikes can stun foes, creating openings for Valaine. This sword allows her to strategically reposition herself on the battlefield, ensuring she always maintains the upper hand.

Astrape: A spear crackling with golden lightning, Astrape is a formidable projectile weapon in Valaine's arsenal. While she rarely wields it by hand, she utilizes Astrape's power to devastating effect by hurling it at her enemies. Astrape as a projectile weapon adds an element of surprise to her attacks, catching them off guard and leaving them vulnerable.

Billion Blades (World Item): An ebony ring she recieved as a reward for defeating Chiyou, The Blade King. It grants Valaine access to an arsenal of weapons. With a mere thought, she can summon an array of blades, ranging from swords and spears to axes and daggers, surrounding her enemies with a storm of lethal weaponry. 

Anathema (World Item): Anathema, a pair of twin small silver bells as reward for defeating Baal-Zebub. Each chime of these bells has the power to erase large amounts of space. This unique World Item allows Valaine to manipulate the battlefield.

World Champion Armour: Awarded to Valaine after her victory in the Second World Champion Festival, this armor bestows formidable resistances against elemental magic, notably fire and pyrokinetic abilities. Although we will never know what it looks like because it's under a transmog illusion, due to it clashing Valaine's personal aesthetic preferences. 

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