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Downtown Love (18+)

"I might be a nice guy but don't tease me baby girl or you'll see a whole new side of me." His hand was still gripped on my neck as he grazed his lips against my lips. He slowly caressed me making swirls on my inner thigh going higher and higher up. He didn't stop until he met my underwear. He positions my head so I was looking directly into his eyes then he softly massaged the outside of my panties. I jolted causing an arch in my back and for my eyes to roll back. "Oh, baby girl your reaction is so precious. Now tell me who is needy." ******************** This book is a series of SHORT stories. Each chapter is different, different characters, and different scenarios this story includes polyamorous relationships (throuples), LGBTQIA+ community, people with different skin types like albino, freckles, or vitiligo, the plus-size community, people of the deaf community, and more. 18+ short stories If you don't enjoy possessiveness, rough/soft sex, sex toys, any kind of bondage, punishment or anything of the sort this story isn't for you please don't comment weird or rude comments if you don't like it * I'll always put a description of the scenario before starting the story so there is a little bit of insight into the story*.

Allkpop0 · Contemporary Romance
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Terrifyingly Adorable CEO and The Colossal Assistant

Sergio_Boss · Contemporary Romance
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