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Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

# RELAXED On the day he entered university, the navigation system on his phone started to have the function to automatically search for treasures. Every time he found a treasure, he would be able to receive a lot of rewards. “92kg of embezzled products detected. The reward for completing the treasure hunt: 100 million mansions by the Sky Lake.” “The top celebrity, Xia Qiu, will run into danger soon. The reward for completing fate hunt: 100 million cash.” “5kg gold detected. The reward for completing treasure hunt: 60% stock of Distant Publishing that’s worth 600 million.” With the continuous treasure hunts automatically detected on his phone and obtaining the rewards from the hunts, Ye Feng said, “From today onwards, I’ll be the most pretentious bastard.”

Supreme Yi Fan · Magical Realism

After Pretending To Lose All My Money, I Learn Of Human's True Nature

When Jiang Feng’s family mansion was forced to get demolished by the government for development, he was compensated with ten million. The moment he received the money, a system appeared. [Ding! Congratulations on activating the Divine-grade Choice System] Choice 1: Show off your ten million. Allow your relatives to mooch off you and send expensive wedding gifts to your girlfriend. Reward: Title – Good Person. Choice 2: Invest everything in Bitcoin for huge profits in the future. Reward: One hundred million. (One-time deal) Jiang Feng didn’t even hesitate to choose the second choice. He invested everything in Bitcoin and made a hundred million. However, he posted a different story online. “I lost everything in cryptocurrency. I’ll have to start all over again.” The moment the post went online, all sorts of demons and devils appeared. From that day onwards, Jiang Feng finally saw the true nature of humans.

Super Wealthy · Magical Realism