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Spiderman with Ultimate login System

After fight with sinister six. Peter got poisoned and lose his life. At same time person from another world died and his soul take over body of peter. watch journey of different peter parker with different personality become strongest hero in whole multiverse with system by his side. I don't own any character used in this story except some oc I might use. I don't own marvel, dc, and any friction i use in this story.

Spider33 · Anime & Comics
61 Chs

In the DC world with Marvel Chat Group.

Schiller transmigrates into a professor at Gotham University. On the very first day, Bruce Wayne asks him, "What is the meaning of life?" Activating his Marvel Chat System, he asked the urgent question, "Someone is asking me 'What is the meaning of life?', an answer is needed quick!" Thanos: Killing is recommended! Charles Xavier: Don't listen to the one above, let me use my powers... So, this way, Schiller became the most famous psychology professor in Gotham. Batman likes to call him "Teacher”, Joker calls him “Sick Lunatic”, Scarecrow calls him “Slippery Loach”, and Nick Fury thinks he's a “Ghost.” Comprehensive comics (including the movie universe), DC Marvel, and other comics do not abuse the main character, and the supporting roles do not lose their wisdom. Do become a PATRON! Go to www.pàtreon.com/shanefreak Read over 60+ chapter in advance on patreon, 5+ chapter release on Pàtreon everyday... This is not my novel, I am just translating as I read. Have fun!

ShaneFreak · Movies
187 Chs

Immortal Spider Man: Multiverse Traveller

A Uni student finds himself as Peter Parker in the Marvel World. What will this new Peter do now that he is immortal? Will he be a Hero, Villain, or something in between? WARNING!!! There is no real risk to MCs life and life of those he likes. If you don’t like this, then don’t read it :) This fanfic is wish-fulfilment so the MC is gonna be OP. Also, the first world is AU so there might be differences in the timings of events... ~Well this is it from me~ Hope you enjoy it ~ No Harem :3 First World: MCU+Mutants Second World: Miles Morales: Into The Multiverse movie universe. Third World: Back to MCU+Mutants Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from marvel who appear in this story. The artwork and characters belong to their respective owners. I don't earn anything from this story and it is written only as a Hobby.

Nyxio · Movies
35 Chs

Spider-Man: Absolute Godspeed

This is the story of Eren Parker, the boy who became Spider-Man and saved the world from mass destruction using his spider-like powers and his speedy ability known as Godspeed (Think similar to Killua or the Flash). He was a menace to some, but a hero to many. This story is only found on Webnovel and RoyalRoad (SurelyNotEli) This story, unlike many others, has a point to it. It's not a power fantasy, harem, reincarnation novel where the point is to do cool stuff. I’m trying to have an actual story with actual characters with actual development with an ending that wraps everything up. Please, just please don't be an a-hole if you don't like it. Just leave if you don't. Thanks.

SurelyNotEli · Anime & Comics
128 Chs

Recarnation of ultimate Spider man

Its is written by imjusttryingtofindmyway on Fanfiction.net as the Name The Spider

Andrewstewart002 · Others
99 Chs

Spiderman Evolution

Jake is reincarnated as Spiderman and chooses to become the most powerful Spiderman in existence. He will forge his own path. Marvel X D.C Support: https://www.patreon.com/ghostybones [Tags]: Multiverse, System, Anti-hero, OP MC

GhostyXXX · Anime & Comics
133 Chs

Spiderman Ultimate Peter Parker

Reborn as Peter Parker thanks to the One Above All's assistance, a human from earth enters the Marvel Universe to experience a whole new adventure. Note this is something I work on when I get writer's block, or just bored so don't expect updates often. Just something I'm doing for fun. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own Spiderman nor any character or works featured in the fan-fiction. All rights belong to its rightful Marvel Comics, and Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

Daoist_Over_God · Anime & Comics
113 Chs