The Blessed Farm Girl Has a Spatial Pocket Book

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The Blessed Farm Girl Has a Spatial Pocket

Lost Hustle

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# BLESSING As soon as she opened her eyes, Li Fu’er had not only just been born in a farmhouse in a mountain, but all her luck that she was supposed to have had also been taken away. Her grandmother was a wild savage, and thought of Li Fu’er as an unlucky child. She would beat and scold Li Fu’er every day. Her aunt thought she was an eyesore and added oil to the fire all day long. She treated her as a servant of the family, and was tempted to skin her from time to time. Her cousin was arrogant and was the one who stole her luck away. She even planted evidence to frame Li Fu’er for her near death. Li Fu’er’s father was the only person in the family who wanted to protect her. However, he was incompetent and cowardly, allowing the older three family members to work her to the bone and bully her. A dignified and lucky girl had been treated worse than a dog in that household. *** But now that she was reborn, she would take back everything that belonged to her! With a spatial pocket in her left hand, and medical skills in her right, plus all the luck from Heaven! No one would stop her from doing what she wanted! Those who wanted to hurt her would feel the hurt on themselves! Those who wanted to scheme against her would find it turned against themselves! As for those who were good to her, she would bless them. [The peasant girl who transmigrated into a novel with a lot of luck VS the hidden royalty of the dynasty]


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