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I'm Spider-Man (MCU)

As Peter Parker of Earth-199999(MCU) dies shortly after being bitten by a radioactive spider, another soul takes his place. A teenager who committed suicide due to his tragic life gets a second chance in the body of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. Male Lead: Peter Parker or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) Female Lead: Michelle Jones or MJ (Zendaya) Ps- I’ve changed the timeline a little. Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. A few months before Ironman 1 takes place on his first day of high school, which is when the story starts. Also, Peter is 6 feet tall instead of Tom Holland’s 5’8. (A/N: I came back to writing recently and was fairly rusty (I didn’t write for almost a year) and lazy. I was doing short chapters and dragging things out far to long in my last story. This is my redemption story, so to speak. I’ve learned from it and hopefully this one will be better. Also, the romance will start earlier since I’m not writing about 11 year old kids going to magical schools anymore. Lol) No Harem BTW If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. VVV Https://www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

AlienWarlord · Movies

Hades: God's requiem

Hades, the father of the rich night, is not just the Zeus of the Underworld, he is a reincarnator, free of the shackles of fate. He won't follow those fools of Olympus, his rise onto power will be unstoppable, immortals will be killed, unreachable will be reached and the impossible done. Posted on W*bn*vel and W*ttpad and Scrib*leh*ub, f*nfiction.n*t under the same name (Author name should also be the same: SnowApathie I don't own the riordanverse, this story is a fan fiction which is based on the universe created by Rick Riordan I don't own the cover and found it on Pinterest

SnowApathie · Book&Literature

Marvel: My Girlfriend is Spider-Woman?!

Rai traveled to the Marvel world and became a transfer student at Empire State University. He also raised a traveling frog that could bring back specialties for him from different dimensions! "Your baby cub brought you back the travel specialty [A¤M¤R H¤R¤: EMP¤ROR]" "Your baby cub brought you back a travel specialty [Perfect Edition ¤ virus]." "Your baby cub brought you a souvenir [Artificial Intelligence, R¤d Que¤n]." ...... Then Rai felt something was wrong, and Gwen Stacy, who usually had a good relationship with him, was actually Spider-Woman?! ===== Disclaimer: This Book is not mine. This is a Fan Translation. ==== Author: Early-Autumn-Cold- Translator: SaintBleufyre Editor: Levaa ==== Go to Auxiliary for the Souce....

Levaa · Movies

Teen wolf: path

a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

Cadmus_black · TV

Majesty's journey 3: female Ezio's Assassin in shining black

a normal, game loving and slightly introverted teenager in our normal world dies. but luckily for him, an omniversal being which he just calls R.O.B who had gotten extremely bored decided to reincarnate someone just like how it has become a trend between some omniversal beings. and luckily and fortunately for our protagonist, Ali {literal meaning= Majesty/Majestic one} gets picked up in the countless beings in the omniverse. but his wishes are a bit... big and too powerful on the long run. so the omniverse itself takes the matters into its own hands. and one of his wishes, was that he wanted his soul to be turned to pieces and sent to multiverses that he liked in his previous life. like the douluo dalu multiverse and marvel multiverse. but for this piece of soul, he got reincarnated into the assassin's Creed multiverse! specifically, the Ezio Auditore time! but it wasn't just the normal Ezio Auditore. no, it was the female version! and the person who will be his lover! watch as he uses his unexplored fighting talents of his previous life to climb the ranks and become one of the greatest, if not, the greatest assassin of all time! the assassin in shining black, the dark eagle!

Ali_Ashborne_543 · Video Games


Loki, a name full of meanings, a god, a higher being, something that mere mortals would have a hard time comprehending, but I will try to write you, with your mortal words, my story. I was reborn as the son of Laufey, my path has only began, for the multiverse will soon come to know the name of Loki. I grew up with my muscle head brother, and together or maybe alone we/I will rise to greater heights. Mortals and other beings will bow their head to a god, a being out of their sight, someone they can only revere and learn in fairy tails. For I am the main character of those fairy tail, but my life was not so fairy as they wrote it. I also post this story on fanfiction .net, Author name should be the same. I do not own the cover I do not own marvel

SnowApathie · Movies
Not enough ratings

Konoha's Strongest Saiyan

A man reincarnated in Naruto with a system. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a Fan Translation. Author: Rebirth the Infinite Dragon If You Like My Work Consider Supporting!! Read upto 30 Chapters ahead. https://www.patreon.com/AbyssFC Cover Image - https://www.deviantart.com/jmbfanart/art/Goruto-Sage-Kurama-Link-Mode-SS3-Revamp-828335988 English is not my first language. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original - https://www.uukanshu.com/b/127268

AbyssFC · Anime & Comics

Transmigrated as Sasuke Uchiha

Thrown into Sasuke's body right after graduation, before officially meeting Kakashi. One man takes the potential, and anger of the 'Last Uchiha' and makes it his own, turning his potential into hard work and effort. Turning his anger into fuel, into power. Harnessing what the original Sasuke was too blinded by hate to use. Friends, his family's history, and his Sharingan, that he had far before the bridge arc.

BeaulenSmith · Anime & Comics