Marvel: My Girlfriend is Spider-Woman?!

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What is Marvel: My Girlfriend is Spider-Woman?!

Read ‘Marvel: My Girlfriend is Spider-Woman?!’ Online for Free, written by the author Levaa, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering REINCARNATION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, SINGLEFEMALELEAD Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is:


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Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. Tony Stark: Son of a bitch, I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing? Hulk: HULK HATES DARK SOULS!!! HULK SMASH DARK SOUS ARRRHHHHGGG!!! Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield! A world of superheroes, but who controls everything is "only" a game developer. ----- Discord server: https://discord.gg/ky35Kv7GHr Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself.

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I'm Spider-Man (MCU)

As Peter Parker of Earth-199999(MCU) dies shortly after being bitten by a radioactive spider, another soul takes his place. A teenager who committed suicide due to his tragic life gets a second chance in the body of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. Male Lead: Peter Parker or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) Female Lead: Michelle Jones or MJ (Zendaya) Ps- I’ve changed the timeline a little. Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. A few months before Ironman 1 takes place on his first day of high school, which is when the story starts. Also, Peter is 6 feet tall instead of Tom Holland’s 5’8. (A/N: I came back to writing recently and was fairly rusty (I didn’t write for almost a year) and lazy. I was doing short chapters and dragging things out far to long in my last story. This is my redemption story, so to speak. I’ve learned from it and hopefully this one will be better. Also, the romance will start earlier since I’m not writing about 11 year old kids going to magical schools anymore. Lol) No Harem BTW If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. VVV Https://www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

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Marvel: I'm a Symbiote

Alex Hunt was a smart man. By no means was he a genius, but he stood solidly in the above-average class of society. He thought that when he died, he would at least go with a bang. Sadly for him though, his death was as generic as they came. Struck to death by a truck driven by a drunk driver who wasn’t looking. ‘At least there’s a bang…’ He thought as his head banged on the concrete. He thought that that was it for him, but destiny had other plans. He was reborn. Reborn as a Symbiote in a version of Earth that was definitely not the MCU. And with a system to boot. He didn’t know what he was going to do. But his first priority was to survive in this chaotic world that he’d just found himself in. One that’s far more chaotic than the MCU but similar at the same time. ============================================= Why am I writing this? I wanted to read a good Venom fanfic, couldn’t find it. Hence, I had to do it myself. There will be R-18 and it won’t be the conventional kind. It will be degenerate R-18 if you would call it that. Again… I cannot stress this enough… There’s quite a bit of extreme stuff in this book, so don’t complain in the comments about it. Will all of it be sex? Of course not, far from it actually. I’m trying to write a story with developed characters and a nice plot that I’m very ambitious about. It's not just R-18, there's going to be quite a bit of action too. The R-18 is a bonus. It will be pretty far from the realm of normality though (It’s venom. Of course it’s not normal sex… But the human element will be present.) Tags: [Non-human protagonist] (Surprise!) [Harem] (Again, surprise!) [Evil MC] (Maybe Chaotic Neutral...) [Gore] (Probably, the killing may get a little violent and brutal) And probably a lot more. I’m not sure if I will completely stick to these tags, but that’s the current plan. Might change as the story progresses. Oh, and also— Multiversal collapse. ============================================= I'm open to criticism so lay it on me if you have any genuine problem. Join my discord, you can give me suggestions and communicate with me regularly to get updates. https://discord.gg/c3kCBE32vn If you want to support me check out my Patréon. I post 15 advanced chapters of the book on my Patrèon along with some exclusive R-18 scenes. Check it out! www.patreon.com/addyctive ============================================= Also, none of the art is mine. I got it from Reddit. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know. This is purely a work of fan fiction. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the characters.

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In the movie worlds with my system

A normal college student of blue star accidentally obtained a system fragment due to traffic accident while saving his friend he thought he was dead but when he opened his eyes he was in a movie with mission of collecting the system fragments which are in different world's First world: Mummy world Second world: Resident Evil world Third world: ????? i don't own any of the characters except the oc in the novel

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With The Sharingan In The MCU

David Blake was hit by a Nokia 3310 on the head and is transported to the MCU with the power of the Sharingan… Can he survive in this dangerous world? Stay tuned! --- Author Note: - Every character except the OC are owned by Marvel - Pictures are coming from my Google Power, AI and Paint - English is not my main language - New at this writing thing - No harem - No System ---

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The Monk in the MCU

Ever wondered what Ichibe, or someone with his powers could achieve in the MCU? If yes, then this story is for you. Go ahead.... read it .... do it now!!!

Cedric_7512 · Movies


One moment I was in my world, the next, well... not there anymore, at least I was given something to survive.


Harry Potter: New World

It is enough just to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether a series of accidents, or a coincidence, but now I have to be reborn in a completely different world. A forced entity that controls the flows of souls in one of the branches of the worlds, contrary to its desire and dislikes for "anomalies", is obliged to give out powers and bonuses - these are the rules. What will life be like for someone who was not destined to survive? If you want to support me or read ahead: https://www.patreon.com/HPMan At least one chapter every day!

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Whatever It Takes... [HP X MCU (AU) Fanfic]

This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters belong to their respective owners!! --~Synopsis (SEASON- I, II, III)~-- Lily Potter sacrificed herself to protect her son but things didn't go as planned and find herself in a different situation than expected... How will Harry cope with someone guiding him in his steps in the Wizarding World? Find out about the young Wizard with a different take on destiny and the changes it brings... --~Synopsis (SEASON- IV)~-- Harry is no longer the weak little child that he was a few years ago. Now, he is no longer alone without any allies, but his enemies have also started to make their moves with new enemies starting to rear their heads... What will Harry do? Will he crumble under the pressure or will he thrive in the face of his enemies? ~~This is not a Canon Rewrite or anything similar~~ --~Support the Author~-- If you appreciate and love my work, then you are welcome to donate to support me and keep me motivated. Upto 25 Chapters advanced Chapters of this Fanfic are available on my P.a.t.r.e.o.n. P.A.T.R.E.O.N Link- p.a.t.r.e.o.n.com/IngloriousMe --~Discord~-- If you want to discuss something or check the artwork or the character sheets then join my Discord Server. My Discord Server Link:- https://discord.gg/zdUqAGKrkm

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Multiverse of Marvel

"We need to go back and inform others of what just happened. Whatever happened has happened and can't be changed back. This involves the death of an ancient being. We won't be able to change it as it was a Nexus Event and TVA won't be able to control it. Loki, are you still at the throne?" John shouted. Unsurprisingly, Loki appeared out of nowhere. TVA was responsible for all Nexus Events and Beings. And this was a huge Nexus event. The point of no return, just like the death of Christine in What if? "You have commited quite the crime John. This crime according to the laws of TVA would have you pruned instantly, with no questions asked and no trial." Loki said with a smile. "It was not me who did this. It was him. Why am I being put in the tough spot?" John asked with a sharp tone. ------------- When a cinephile and an otaku/weeb travels through dimensions and gets a system which can only be described as overpowered but comes with restrictions. At first he was overjoyed with the system but soon realizes that he is in a very dangerous world where his life was at risk all the time. (There will be no change in the canon until the New York War ends) p@treon.com/thelightedghost

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I'm just gonna leave a five-star rating here solely because it's not a harem novel. Seriously, with these harem novels dominating the rankings these days, sooner or later novels with single female leads are going to become a rarity, so support them please!


FIVE STARS!! NO QUESTION ASK! FIVE STARS!! NO QUESTION ASK! And look how cool the armor of the Mc is. Hop in guys. I know you will also love the story.


OOOOHHHHH!!! Another work after such a long time!!! Here's 5 starts for you mate. I hope this one is as good as your previous works. Especially the Naruto. I hope it's good. Also speaking of previous work. Please update Detective Conan and One Piece!!! More chapters for those two please!!!


Novel title - 小说详情人在美漫,旅行青蛙带回帝皇铠甲. ......,,..,..................................................


writing -5 for translator for making it Poison free. stablity-5 story- 2 because it is typical heavenly country harem novel character- 1 (typical nationalist ,racist, hypocritical ,double standard, heavenly man) one for being human otherwise hmp. world- 5 for mcu


I love the concept of only one lover. Unlike other story full of HAREM. F&%$! Anyway, although it only have 10chapters right now, it's interesting for me. And I recommend it.[img=recommend]


I like frog. I hope it focu more on the little cute frog than unnecessary overpowered abilities. Not every marvel fanfic needs to be about culminating enough power to defeat the one above all and collecting the infinity stones. I hope this one goes more in the slice of life direction like the first few chapters seem to convey.


Chinese novel. You read one, you have read all of them. Characters always behave weirdly.


Favourite Fic on this site!!!! Hopefully book stays non-harem, as that’s one of it’s charms, because of Spider Woman, what a bae. Overall 10/10


Reveal spoiler


Truly an incredible fanfiction, although it could be because I love Gwen Stacy, meh, interesting enough for me to read it, mc is not a cold-blooded psychopath, so it is a relief.




I would rate this as 5-star, why? because i know that this is gonna be good, just like the author's other work, such as the One piece ff, Naruto ff and Detective Conan ff(i love the detective conan ff the most). Although this only a translation, i have faith on author's skill. I also love harem, but it's quite refreshing to sometimes read a single female lead, and it's a plus that the heroine is Gwen Stacy, my favorite. I just have a question though, is this gonna be multiverse ff? will he go to another anime? or not?


Another name for this book is Marvel: My Frog Cub Brings Back the Dragon Fruit . U guys can find it on wuxia.com. .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


garbage this story is garbage author has interfere in the main story too much and it became garbage


the cringe is hard in this one ...... . . ...


For me one of best fanfiction i have ever read so 5 ⭐.


can't continue to read it anymore.. too much nonsense.. too little screen time for little froggy.. too much focus on little character such as peter.. gwen got most of the focus instead of mc.


pretty decent story. My issue is with the lack of MC focus. I would just watch the movies if that's all I'm getting outta this story... MC could be removed and nearly nothing would change


Good enough I guess for casual reading.


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