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My girlfriend's a mortal

This is a story of how an immortal and a mortal fell in love. But there wasn't a meet-cute. The mortal thought the other was dead. But hey, she's okay, it was just a prank! They were getting along well and being third wheels. But then the mortal had to go somewhere else for studies. They said bye-bye to each other. And bam! Did someone try to kill her friend? The immortal said: we are going there even if you don't like it! K bruh. But wait, who's the person trying to kill her? ------------------------------------------------- (I use a lot of swearing if you are not okay with swearing then..... meh peace out!) Updating schedule: Sundays The picture ain't mine, I edited it, that's all. It will have some triggering contents, please skip those, I have given a warning before starting it. But they ain't that frequent. Also, this is my first WIP so it'll be cringe at the start. I'll edit this after I finish this. Also, follow me on Tumblr: shydestinykryptonite. Feed my ego rats!

Cybercrownprincess · LGBT+
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The Bad Side of Transmigration

Josephine Barr, the ever strict and independent rising editor in chief of the Empire's Publishing Company finds herself sucked inside the different realms of lowly rated books that she personally criticized. *********** "It seems that I'm a mother of a house full of monsters... The children are cheerfully placing dangerous traps and the husband wants to collect his 'wife's headless body." "Nature is green. The trees are so high, birds are chirping and I see a tusk just a little below my vision. There's also an ugly snout between my eyes... A, lady boar?" "The thin children are lining up, carrying chipped bowls towards me. As I dart towards the mirror, a wrinkled face with lots of white hair stares back. Then the sounds of bombs echoes outside..." [System: Offline.... ] ✓ Slow burn romance ✓ Weak Mc to strong ✓ Unexpected plot twist ✓ No plot armor ✓ Offline System (Mostly) p.s the image isn't mine :P

MisterBambi · Fantasy Romance
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Infinite Bread - Dropped


NephHarris · Video Games
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