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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

A normal man was constantly blamed and was eventually turned into a murderer. Everyone hated him and looked at him as if he was a non human. He was sentenced to death but just before dying, he was asked to state his last wish which would have been fulfilled. “I wish to live some more days” His words couldn’t be neglected and they fulfilled his wish but he died in the end when his free days had finally ended. However, he was born again, in a new world which was filled with magic. It was a place where science wasn’t known. He could have used his knowledge to become famous and gain a lot of money and fame, but the fate was not so kind to let him do that. He had to bear the responsibilities for the murders in his past life due to which he was really turned into a non human. But that didn’t seem like a punishment, in fact it was a perfect world for him to shed even more blood. “I will become a predator that will stand above all!” Join me in this amazing adventure where our protagonist is Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats!

1st_Manga_KING · Fantasy

Run Girl Run

Located in Pennsylvania sits a small town called Nelview where the Adam family lives. In such a quiet and peaceful town like Nelview nobody would have guessed that something horrifying would happen. Nelview is known for its landscapes and their amazing festivals. It's a place where people would start a family and a place with great education. But, who would've thought that someone would be taken away in such a mysterious way. Josie Adam was one of the most caring, sweet and intelligent young girl who was popular amongst her peers, but when all of a sudden she disappears with no trace and comes back unharmed, it leaves the town confused. Days went on and nobody knows what happened to her. She seems disoriented and unwell, it's like she forgot everything before her disappearance. And when everything seems to go back to normal, something unnerving happens.

RayRayRachel2004 · Teen
Not enough ratings

HectorLeon's Origins-The Deep Sea Predator (ID)

*SEGERA HADIR DALAM BENTUK NOVEL* Ayano adalah seorang Magis muda, anak dari seorang bangsawan yang hanya memiliki satu rencana dalam hidupnya, yaitu mencari sahabat lamanya yang pindah kota saat keduanya masih anak-anak, temannya tersebut bernama Victor, Magis Api, dan saat dewasa lah usia dimana ia sudah bebas melakukan apa saja tanpa pengawasan. Saat kedua sahabat lama tersebut bertemu, ternyata tidak semudah itu untuk kembali akrab seperti dulu. Banyak sekali perbedaan diantara mereka, maka itu harus membuat Ayano harus memperbaiki hubungan mereka sedikit demi sedikit. Tetapi tidak ada waktu untuk itu, Ayano terseret ke masalah pribadi Victor yang belum terpecahkan sampai sekarang. Victor memiliki kakak kembar perempuan yang menghilang bertahun-tahun, yang kebalikannya Victor, Magis air. Dan melibatkan tunangannya kakaknya tersebut, sampai akhirnya ketiga orang tersebut mencari kakak Victor dengan cara illegal, yaitu menyelam ke laut terlarang tanpa izin pengawas dan sepengetahuan siapapun. Dan juga membawa mereka untuk membongkar rahasia Negaranya sendiri, HectorLeon. cover art: @Tokuraart di instagram

Evelyn_N · Romansa Fantasi
Not enough ratings

Silent Player

When the population of the earth gets too high what's the solution? a simple game played from ages 9-50. Silence. 5 predators. 190 runners. a fight for survival. If you drop a pen it can cost you your life! be careful where you step, and most importantly- stay absolutely silent.

ShortestCake · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings