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The Super Sex System

The MC gets reincarnated in a fantasy world, with an awesome system which will get him all the women he wants. Everything is possible in the novel, the MC will have no restrictions at all. He will do as he pleases. As long as my fantasy stretches I'll try to write. If you have a suggestion or an improvement please let me hear 'm. The image isn't mine, so send me a message if you want it down.

Sweacer · Fantasy

Layar Sakti Budi

(18+) Cerita ini Bersetting di Indonesia yang ada di dimensi lain ( different universe ), Jadi akan ada perbedaan dalam hukum, pemerintah, dan hal-hal lainnya. Semua yang ada di dalam cerita ini hanya fiksi semata dan tidak ada sangkut pautnya dengan dunia nyata. Penulis meminta maaf bila ada kesamaan dalam cerita yang tidak disengaja. Kisah seorang siswa SMA yang memiliki layar hologram yang berisi quest dan memiliki hadiah yang akan mengubah kehidupannya. Ikuti perjalanan Budi menjadi dewasa ! Cerita ini bertema dewasa dan saya harap yang tidak suka cerita yang bertema demikian untuk tidak membaca dan tidak memberikan review yang jelek. Jadwal update tidak menentu karena sedang sibuk. Cover By : JMBookCovers Thanks for your wonderful cover.

Dhipo · Realitas Magis

I Survived and Came Back to Apocalyptic Earth

Melissa Vince, the Mother who runs the world's most notorious Underground Hitman Organization, suddenly got summoned by God, thrown into a Long and Deadly Battle Royal between 10 People. The rule is to survive until the age of 30 and compete in the final Deathmatch. Melissa needs to gain the power to survive this game, she has been thrown into by the whims of the god....but WAIT!!! "What about my CHILDREN back at EARTH!!!??????" "Why am I in the body of a starving little girl!!??" . This is the tale of a mother trying to get back to her Children, also... ...what about the Children who's Mother suddenly disappeared?

YandereSenpai · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings