The Prettiest Girl Wants To Marry Me Book

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The Prettiest Girl Wants To Marry Me

Roll Around

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"""Stroke? I can cure that. I'll just use my silver needle to release the pent-up gas inside your brain."" ""Sir, what you have isn't hypertension. Your body is just lacking certain nutrients. I'll get you some herbs."" Zhao Chen was the disciple of a Master Doctor. He decided to work as a factory doctor to repay his debt to the owner. However, he could not understand why all his female patients were a little weird. They would always take their shirts off for him to perform his diagnosis. One day, the owner, Su Qianxia, ran into the factory while being chased by debt collectors. Zhao Chen looked at the debt collectors, then at Su Qianxia, and said, "It's 20 million, right? I'll help you earn that money."


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