My Luna is the Runaway Bride Book

novel - Fantasy

My Luna is the Runaway Bride

Flora Harvey

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  • 20 Chs

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As the daughter of the Alpha, Ella has a duty to uphold—marry the man her father chooses as the next Alpha. That is until her creep of a fiance attacks her. She realizes that she must escape. Fate brings her to a mysterious mansion and the most dangerous alpha on the eastern seaboard, Adam Walker. She is surprised when the handsome hulking man gives her a place to stay, even more so when she discovers he's her destined mate. However, will Ella and Adam's romance have the chance to bloom? Or will Ella's responsibilities come back to haunt her? ** "You want me to stay?" I asked in disbelief. "Of course, I do," Adam whispered as he took a step closer. I took a step back but found myself pressed up against the back of a tree. There was nowhere for me to go. "What if I stay? Then what?" Adam drew closer to me. He stared directly into my soul. "Then you stay by my side. As my mate." My Luna is the Runaway Bride is created by Flora Harvey, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


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