How Am I Still Alive? Book

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How Am I Still Alive?

Persimmon Whale

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Spiritual Qi Resurgence, Gods descending? Continuous disasters, all living beings suffering? What does it have to do with me? I'm just a patient with an incurable disease, who's been given up on treatment and has a countdown to death. Embarking on the path of exorcising demons and annihilating immortals with my crippled body is not for the sake of protecting my family and country, but because the hazardous duty pay is too tempting, especially the compensation... "This Evil Gods profession system is cursed, even if there's smooth progress in the early stages, the practitioners will eventually commit suicide..." "Give me a set." "This Demon Sword poisons its user and has already taken ninety-nine lives..." "Give me two, and also that man-eating demonic helmet, soul-devouring blood claws, get me a set." "This Magic Potion is harmful to heaven and earth..." "Enough talk, I'll take them all!" However, the problem is, why am I still alive after taking on all these high-risk missions, stepping on every risk, and doing every deadly task? 【Congratulations, congratulations! Ranked first among the Top Ten Heroes Who Moved the World...】 "...Heavens, wasn't the average life expectancy in this line of work three and a half years? I've been here for one cycle of three years after another, I'm almost an S-level hunter, the first of the top ten heroes! Why am I still alive? I just want to make an honor sacrifice, scam some compensation! Is that so hard?!"


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