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Unscientific Asgardian of Marvel

Alex transmigrates into mcu as an asgardian. He finds himself many years before plot starts. Fortunately like any other transmigrator he also has a GENE SYSTEM. But wait, it doesn't work on himself. Instead he can grant other people abilities of different animal-life forms similar to human beast form of devil fruit in one piece, with full loyalty and he can extract one ability from everyone without changing his human *Asgardian* form, for his own use. But the catch is that every time he uses the system, it requires soul energy which can only be obtained by killing. Follow Alex on his journey in this world full of beauties and danger as he becomes a living legend. Will he be able to conquer this world with the help of system and his friends? #harem #marvel #slightly au # gene system #r18 # yuri harem ( only between his wifus ) * You can support me on Patreon to motivate me and read advance chapters of this one and my other novels. patreon.com/Daddy_strikes_

Daddy_strikes_ · Movies
79 Chs

WH40k - Tyranid Project

Tags: Warhammer 40k, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Chaos & Corruption, Weak to strong MC, NSFW, Evolution, Grimdark Universe, War, Sci-fi, Apocalypse, RPG elements In the grimdark universe of the 41st Millenium, there is only war. That's all that has been for over ten thousand years. -------- I became a Tyranid, a predator. And I will do what Tyranids do best, kill all my enemies, eat them, and grow. Faster, Stronger, Deadlier. If I have to give up on my humanity, so be it. I will have my answers even if I have to burn half the universe! Maybe then I will be able to save the other half. -------- As this is my first writing experience, I hope you can enjoy reading it!! This work of fiction draws inspiration upon the source material of Warhammer 40k. I do not own the rights of this IP nor of the WH40k characters presented on it. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content. ------------ Reduced to 2-3 updates per week for quality assurance. Sick new cover from the great artist Helge C. Balzer!!

BrokenOath · Book&Literature
42 Chs

One Piece: Character System

Kyle Viktor died full of regrets and guilt. Fortunately, destiny pitied and reincarnated him in his favorite anime. 'One Piece' With the Character System by his side, would he finally achieve something or once again die full of regrets? NOTE!! -Rewritten -no harem - wish fulfillment story

CryingGucci · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
12 Chs

Izuku, un genio de la ciencia (MARVEL X DC X MY HERO ACADEMY)

Izuku no era un niño normal, al menos no normal comparado con la población común. Era un quirkless. Se lo habían dicho apenas había cumplido el limite de edad para despertar un quirk, 5 años. Izuku sabía que esto era malo, muy malo, sin un quirk nunca podría cumplir su sueño, sin embargo, había descubierto la maravillas de la ciencias. Le encantaba todo tipo de ciencia: Biología, química, bio-química, física, codificación, medicina, ingeniería, mecánica, ingeniería eléctrica y mucho mas. No podía creer lo profundo e interesante que era jugar con químicos y la biología, crear algo o modificarse lo suficiente como para ser un héroe y así lo hizo. Tan pronto como descubrió dicha posibilidad se zambulló por completo en las ciencias y con su genio esas imposibilidades, pasaron a ser posibilidades. Crossover: Boku no hero, Marvel y DC (No tendrá personajes de los universos de los comics, más información en el cap 1)

Shoturo · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
6 Chs

An Engineers Lament

Dropped into Jon Snows body at 14 after being poisoned, Jon with the Power of Forge from the X-Men and the Intellect of Tony Stark he must stop the stagnation of the world by any means.

Damon_Jager · Others
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Rage Against The Heavens K Selection

A Turkish University student finds himself inserted into a respected molecular biologist in an Alternate universe newly post-singularity earth in The Year 2050 he is both depressed and happy about his new circumstances until he discovers something that makes him scream in absolute despair he is in the blindsight universe and this universe is not kind to sapient intelligence

Scientistx · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

The Marvel tale of Imperium

Ladies and jets English is not my first language. So the grammar may not be the best. I'm, not the best at writing a synopsis but here goes. The story I am writing is about a person from the year 2181. He happens to die to due conflicts with the council of his world. He gets reincarnated as peter parker aka spiderman fraternal twin brother. So this individual which I name Theos(mean god in the Greek language). He will climb his way to one of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe. This individual will learn sorcery and he will also use his expertise from his past life such as genetics to genetically modify himself to become a powerful being. This will slow pace fan-fic. the MC will lose people he cares about but they will not be Aunt May and peter. I will also change few things in the timeline of MCU also the ethnicities of some characters. Also will change minor things in the back story. The cover of my Fan-Fic is not mine. If the owner of the picture does not like me using his or her drawing. I shall take it down.

Theos_Trogon · Movies
2 Chs

Jungle Hunters

A FAST AND FURIOUS JUNGLE ADVENTURE WHO LOVED JURASSIC PARK ............................................................. After Marty and Grace lose their parents in a freak accident, they are sent to live with their mysterious Uncle Wolfe. He is a scientist, obsessed with dinosaurs and cryptids - animals that have never been proven to exist When uncle Wolfe hears rumours of a dinosaur egg discovered in the Congo, he sets off with Marty and Grace to track it down. But someone else is after the egg too. Somebody bloodthirsty and cruel, who will stop at nothing to get it.... ........ Roland Smith

Anon_inspiration · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
15 Chs