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Unscientific Asgardian of Marvel


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Alex transmigrates into mcu as an asgardian. He finds himself many years before plot starts. Fortunately like any other transmigrator he also has a GENE SYSTEM. But wait, it doesn't work on himself. Instead he can grant other people abilities of different animal-life forms similar to human beast form of devil fruit in one piece, with full loyalty and he can extract one ability from everyone without changing his human *Asgardian* form, for his own use. But the catch is that every time he uses the system, it requires soul energy which can only be obtained by killing. Follow Alex on his journey in this world full of beauties and danger as he becomes a living legend. Will he be able to conquer this world with the help of system and his friends? #harem #marvel #slightly au # gene system #r18 # yuri harem ( only between his wifus ) * You can support me on Patreon to motivate me and read advance chapters of this one and my other novels. patreon.com/Daddy_strikes_


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