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Daoist4HLDL1 · Contemporary Romance
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I'll Teach You, Marianne.

Marianne, a talented curator at a museum, caught the attention of Mrs. Chaterine Ganke, a painting enthusiast who was also a very wealthy lady. The lady liked Marianne so much that she insisted her grandson, Leonardo Ganke, to marry her. Leon didn't love Marianne, but he couldn't refuse his grandmother's request. On the night of her wedding, Marianne was insulted by her husband. "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Ugly girl, don't expect you to sleep in the same bed with me!!!" Leon shouted to Marianne in contempt.

nafadila · Contemporary Romance

She's My Sleeping Pill

15 years ago, his elder brother was killed right in front of him in the middle of the night – killed by their most trusted driver. Since then, Stefan had a hard time sleeping and often got nightmares. He learned not to trust anyone. Cayenne worked almost all day and all night. She only got three hours of sleep every day. She was the breadwinner of their family since her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She thought she would have a great time working as a receptionist in a hotel. Until… “I’ll pay you an additional $3000 a month. Sleep with me.” Stefan placed a signed check on the table in front of her. Her head was spinning at the large sum of money. She can finally buy her mother’s medication and send her brothers to school without worry. But to sleep with him? “I’m sorry if I come off rude but, I can’t sleep with you sir.” She tried to refuse politely, afraid that she will lose her job if he felt displease towards her. Stefan took off his coat and placed on the backrest of his chair. “Think about my offer carefully. It wasn’t so bad sleeping with you after all.” It was a mistake she made on her part when she fell asleep right beside him on his bed, drunk and dizzy. Will he make the mistake of trusting someone again? Will he entrust his life to her by sleeping soundly beside her? How will they face each other when they started to unveil the mystery of their identities? ***cover isn’t mine***edited by a friend***I don’t earn anything from this picture*** Original cover was taken from Mr Love: Queen's Choice Related videos and pictures can be seen in Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE

_frieyaVida · Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire's Kept Woman

Warning!!! This novel contain scenes that are not suitable for children. That includes on killing, suicide... torture... and R-21 scenes Keira Del Carlo sold her virginity in the auction to save her mother and a billionaire bought her for more than 4 million dollars. Her life turned upside down when she signed the papers that the billionaire gave to her that night after she gave up her innocence. Alessandro De Alegre was a vicious billionaire when it comes to business. But behind that merciless attitude, there's a soft spot that only meant for her. He has been searching for his first love for a very long time until he found a lead that she's in an auction. He took advantage of it to have her back and made her sign the marriage contract while she's not herself. She didn’t even recognize him, and that’s when he found out that her memories with him had been erased. All her time with him, he gave her everything including the Golden Age Entertainment that should belong to her. She lives with him without knowing that she's married to him the night he took her innocence and imprisoned her in his villa. She lives thinking that she’s the mistress.

TheIllusionist · Contemporary Romance

My Long Lost Mate

"Oh! Thank you for catching that little troublemaker. Please give her back to us," said one of the guards while panting for air. Not knowing what to do, I frantically held the man's hand and pleaded, "Please save me! They are going to hurt me! I don't want to go back!" The man first looked at me for a couple of seconds, then at the guards. "Go," he said to the guards grimly. Surprisingly, he was on my side. I was counting on my lucky stars to ask for help from him and I was fortunate enough to earn it. "What?" asked the guards, confused by the man's words. "I said go... before I kill you," he threatened. I was hiding behind the man's back and couldn't see his face, but my guts told me that he meant his words. The guards looked surprised by his words but quickly recovered from them and, instead, started to challenge the man, "We won't go before you hand us that girl." The man sighed and said, "I warned you." After that, the man let go of my hand and turned my body around. "Don't look," he said, before starting to walk towards the guards. Every step he took exuded confidence, and he was not the least scared of the guards who were armed with swords when he himself had nothing but his bare hands. I closed my eyes even with my back towards them and heard one of the guards scream trying to attack the man. No longer after that, the only sound that I could hear was something like... bones breaking. A few moments later, it was completely silent. Is he done? The silence was soon broken by footsteps that I assumed were getting closer to where I was. Is this the footsteps of the man or the guards? That was the question that popped up in my mind. I was ready to run, but before I could proceed to do that, two strong arms gripped both of my shoulders, turning my body around. I nervously opened my eyes to find a pair of red eyes staring softly at me. "Are you okay?" ... The story revolves around a girl who was tortured and the leader of werewolves. (A slow burn book) ... Updates will be every three days. Please vote for this book if you like it :) [The art cover fully belongs to me. Art commission by the amazing Instagram artist @heytheathea]

winterdaisy55 · Fantasy Romance

The Two-Faced Side Character Fantasizes that I Love Him Everyday

# HAPPYENDING # CASUAL Wen Ran was born a winner, with her noble roots, good looks, and a young celestial as her fiancee... but after years of living in her world, she remembered that she was a person from another world, transmigrating into a book. She also remembered being the male lead's fiancee and unrequited love. The demon lord had captured her and another lady to a cliff above the abyss, forcing the male lead to choose one amongst them. Wen Ran survived, but the other fell into the abyss. The winds on the cliff were strong, and Wen Ran remembered many things, including what happened after the male lead's fateful decision: Wen Ran was not the one who saved him, and he was no longer in love with her... because the one he really loved, and the one who saved him was the one he sacrificed. Giving in to his pain, the male lead succumbed to darkness as he began the route of wife-chasing to death. As for Wen Ran, she knows that it's all over for her! And yet, as the same scene plays out again, Wen Ran watched as the young, aloof celestial was forced to make the same choice... when he suddenly raised his foot and kicked the other lady into the abyss. He then turned to smile at her. "You have no idea why I did that, do you?" Wen Ran was speechless. What was happening? The male lead's characterization has fallen apart!***After a long time, he poked her face and asked her in curiosity, "What do you mean, wife-chasing to death? Does it mean I should throw you into that abyss and run after you?"He appeared eager to try, which left Wen Ran in a long silence.

Cat Fur Scholar · Romance

Because It's You!

Liam Adley just like every other teenager in high school wasn't sure of a whole lot of things, including what he wanted to major in at the University. But one thing he knew for sure, which every other person was aware of, was the fact that he was a Giant Homophobe. He wore it with pride. Until the worse happened and he found himself being drawn to the new introverted very good looking boy who lived across the apartment he was currently residing in. Worse part, the boy didn't like him. The biggest question on his mind now was... WHAT WAS HE GOING TO DO?

ThatAmazingGirl · LGBT+

My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High School Adonis was her only crush even though he was arrogant. Adonis Gabriel Buenavista Monleon in short Adonis Monleon came from a rich clan, he is handsome and has a strong sex appeal, since childhood he has shown that he will never like her because she came from a poor family. But everything changed when Maya slapped him in the face with great force. One night the long-awaited dream of Maya happened, Adonis Monleon kissed her under the starry night at the terrace of the Monleon’s mansion. It was a magical kiss but Adonis crushed and broke her heart later that night by kissing another girl. That is why Maya hates him, and she promised herself to do everything she can to forget the only man she loves since childhood, but why can’t she forget about her first kiss? How can she resists him, the moment they met again on the summer after she graduated from High School? Can Maya stop her own heart from falling for Adonis over and over again? And stick to her promise to totally forget Adonis? Can Adonis win over the heart of Maya after he left her with a broken heart and soul? _____________________________________________ My Friend’s Artogant Brother Book 2: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother Lisa Montesclaro is always in the shadow of her beautiful friend, Maya, and to watch her best friend got hurt by her first and only love, Adonis, she promised herself never to get involved with someone like him. Still, she became one when she found herself falling for Maya’s elder brother Benedict. Because Lisa has had no boyfriend since birth, she wants to experience her first kiss with Maya’s brother, and she made a decision to confess to Ben one night on the terrace of the Hernandez mansion. Still, she became frustrated when he turned her down when she confessed her feelings towards him. And Lisa made a vow never to make herself look like a fool again in front of Ben. Benedict Hernandez is hot and handsome and one of the most eligible men in San Antonio, where the wealthiest family in the entire country live. When her sister's best friend confessed her feelings towards him, he hated himself for turning her down, since he knew Lisa is a sweet young woman, but because the first love has broken his heart, he made a vow never to fall in love again. Benedict tried his best to stay away from Lisa as possible, but how can he resists Lisa’s charm when he always sees her around in their estate wearing sexy dresses and a beautiful smile on her face? Then because of a prize they won together during a wedding they both attended, their attraction towards each other will be tested. Can Lisa stop herself from falling for him more the moment they spend one week vacation on the La Trinidad Island? Can Benedict finally let go of his past and give himself a chance to fall in love again? Please join Lisa and Benedict as they journey together in finding true love. Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia’s Secret Falling In Love With Miracle The Heartbreaker CEO Is My Ex Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch (WSA Entry 2021) The CEO’s Perfect Mistake (WSA Entry 2021) The Alpha And His Beautiful Monster You Can’t Buy My Love

sirenbeauty · Teen