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To Live Again, For the First Time!

Emilin died a tragically sad death in her first life, if you could call it a life at all. No friends, no family, no ambition, no desire, no emotions. NOTHING. BUT this time, she was determined to live her life to the FULLEST! Emilin: [Who am I even?] DOTING BIG BROTHERS: [Bah! Who else but our cutest little sister?] LOVING PARENTS: [Ah! Our little angel of course.] OTHER CLASSMATES: [Who is this ice queen? So cool!] BEST FRIENDS: [Why is this so-called 24/7 ice face so clingy. But she’s too cute when she’s pouting! You’re our adorable little cinnamon roll.] HANDSOME ML: [Yeah, why are you so cling to them? Come be clingy with me! You are mine, as much as I am yours.] BUSINESS PARTNERS: [Who the fuck are you talking about? Surely, we do not speak of the same person! You are the little devil that descended from the 7 heavens, our little ancestor.]

you_li_er · Contemporary Romance


One day, Sophie finds herself in a dark forest in immense pain. She was betrayed by her loved ones and beaten black and blue. She lost consciousness but was saved by a pair of good looking brothers. She got a second chance in life. She resolved to take revenge on those people who harmed her. What will happen to her? Will she be able to take revenge on those who hurt her? What will happen to her dream of conquering the world? Robert, Sophie's childhood best friend, was forced to separate from her despite trying hard to fight against the circumstances. He came to know about Sophie's circumstances after a long time. He tried hard to find her. Will he find his lost love? Or, will destiny separate them? Both will set out to conquer the world not knowing that destiny will bring them so close that her world will revolve around him. Sneak Peak: “You, monster!” “What happened? My dear wifey, are you sore?”, he chuckled. “Don’t act innocent. Come here and massage my lower back. It’s your punishment.”, she grumbled. “Hey, how did you find me guilty, dear wifey? It was you who asked for more.”, he smiled evilly. “You……… monster! Hmph! Don’t waste time. Massage fast”, she snorted. Discord Link : https://discord.gg/EgCuh9f

usha412 · Contemporary Romance

Princess Living The Spoiled Life

In my previous life, I overworked myself to death. I realised this fact when I turned 7 years old in my current life. I got reborn as an orphan who is abused everyday by the owner. I have to admit, it was such a lame second life. But one day, a handsome guy with luxurious clothes claimed himself as my eldest brother and even say that I'm the lost Princess!? Moreover, my real family is the great imperial family. So I have to live with my three brothers and my father. (Wow, am I blessed or cursed?) Lived being spoiled after my tiring previous life is an absolute pleasure. However, aren't they spoiling me too much? If I'm not a person with a previous life, I might be a spoiled brat in the future y'know! _______________________ Story Checklist : Strong FL Strong ML Overprotective Brothers / Father Doting Family Slow Pace Romance Long running novel _______________________ Side Note : > Average Words: 1k/Chapter > Disclaimer: Set in historical era of a fictional empire/places, everything in this novel is fictional. Any similarities with real life's event is purely coincidence.

Soleil_0 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

The Contracted Lady Will Raise the Villains Well!

[Sypnosis] 「Amara Roman」 She was a pitiful forsaken child who lost all of his father's love and her whole life to the heroine. She didn't do anything wrong but she was sacrificed for the heroine's happy ending. But… "I can't believe that I reincarnated as that Amara Roman!! I can't accept this!" And I, right now possessed the body of that extra character Amara Roman. I'm not sure why but I died actually died in a mass earthquake or in my own sleep! That god really confuses me alot! At the time I finally escaped my house and became independent. 10 years later. "My daughter! please come back to me, to our home please!" The father who abandoned me came to me while begging me to comeback. "Too bad, old man. But I already have a home I can call my own." That's right. I am the adopted daughter of the Melania Household now. But my family members is strange… "Are you done now? My Dearest Sister Lea" "I have cookies and your favorite doll here." "We should've killed that old man, don't you think so?" I now have three unique and obsessed older brothers. I can't reject them because they're all so cute! "Let's go home now. My dearest daughter Lea shouldn't breath the same air as that trash." And a father who is said to be the most wealthiest man in the whole continent. ‘Well there's also that but…’ Starting from today onwards. My name is now 「Athaleia Grace Melania」

Shin_Arisaka03 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings