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DxD: ReKiba

MC takes Kiba's place at the exact moment he is reincarnated by Rias. In exchange, he has to get revenge on everyone involved with the Holy Sword Project. MC is prideful and has his own plans. It will be a harem, but not a big one. I do not own anything except my own MC. Found this picture on Pinterest. The artist is Hikku. Contact me if you want me to take it down.

Alcoholic_Panda · Anime & Comics
114 Chs

Anime is an Outer God's Playground

CURRENT WORLD: Danmachi (Part 2) *Warning: Is wish fulfillment with a huge pokemon harem, there will be slow pace and development at need and MC bangs every girl in harem* Want a break from the ads— I mean... Want a description of this fic ? Fine. Akira, a normal human gets reincarnated into an Anime World with three wishes, thanks to the ROB. "If I can't wish for Omnipotence, then I'll create a scenario where I become absurdly OP in day one !" He said. And that's what happened, "I got you homie!" The ROB laughed. Day 1- "It's only being one day— It feels like a thousand centuries... The power of [Boundless Records] is forcefully changing my personality..." Corrupted by the power of infinite knowledge, Akira becomes an Outer God with the ability to travel worlds and seduce any women he wants throughout the vast multiverse! "This is the birth of a new Outer God!" A####### shouted. ―――――― [ Three/ Fours Chapters a week in WN. 20 Daily Chapters Ahead in my Patreon: Patreon.com/skyfall12 ] NO NTR OR FORCED IN ANY KIND! This is a wish fulfillment fic with cruel characters and twisted beings that don't flinch at death or torture. MC is an anti-hero (Not too evil, reasonable, generous but not a nice person) You can expect: • ABSURDLY OVERPOWERED MC ! • POKEMON MULTIVERSAL HAREM ! • REGULAR R18 AND AROUSING CONTENT ! • SLOW-PACED ROMANCE AT NEED ! And most importantly... CONSTANT UPLOAD!! ――Worlds―― Tensura/ DxD/ Overlord/ HOTD/ Akame Ga Kill/ Overgeared/ Chainsaw Man/ Outer Realm/ Danmachi... ――Additional Tags―― Evil mc, cruel characters, antihero mc, cruel mc, wish fulfillment, Isekai, outer god, multiverse, Omniverse, harem, pokemon harem, big harem, Tensura, slime anime, highschool dxd, DxD, anime, animeverse, nsfw, R18 story, Dragonball, Danmachi, helltaker, fate, fate grand order, yandere, invincible, overpowered, Multiverse fanfiction, Crossover, Multiverse fic, multiverse-travelling, multiverse traveling with wish fulfillment, multiverse-travelling, anime worlds, sandbox, playground, evil mc, devil mc, demon mc, killer mc, serial killer mc, wicked mc, psychopathic mc, evil characters, slavery

LXVE_MuRdxR69 · Anime & Comics
139 Chs

High Human in Crossed Worlds - A HP x DxD Fic

Man dies. His last act in the previous life generates him an absurd amount of karma. He meets a god, and it reborns him in a crossworld of Harry Potter and DxD. He gets a gift, one that can only be fully explored with the knowledge that he learned in his previous profession in the previous world. The keeping of knowledge is also a gift. And with that, his karma is spent. Thrown in the world with a 'good luck' and a slap in the back, he fights to survive until the start of canons. The time until that, 1000 years. ------------- Yeah… Now read about some of his adventures in this crossed over world, beginning already in HP canon. ------------- English is not my main language, so you will find some strange stuff, like the mix of North American and the Queen’s English. ------------- Disclaimer: All characters that you recognize from the franchise of Harry Potter and DxD are propriety of its respective creators and I only wish that they were mine. But they are not. I only own the MC, the OCs, and the ideas that generated the non canon plot.

DonnutHermit · Book&Literature
194 Chs

The Holy Chronicles of Baator

"One day I woke up as Zeoticus Gremory with my A.I. Architect. Thus I decided to set a new goal, to stand at the top of the Universe." *** Enormous AU DxD, Cultivation Elements (like MGE and WMW), Cross-Over, Self-insert, World Building, Kingdom Building, Wars, Polygamy, Slow-Romane at Start, Multiple Universes, not every chapter is fight or war, no pokemon catching, no MC centric novel... Read them and think before you start reading something that you know you won't like and then review and comment how you don't like something that has been tagged already... Such comments and reviews will be instantly deleted *** And for those who still don't understand it, then only this for them: How would Ramsay say: "Fuck off donkeys" From now on deleting all reviews that are bad because of the cultivation element or multiple worlds or due to something mentioned in warnings and disclaimer (basically everything that people are complaining about despite being warned about that)... is in the description and tags so you have been warned. The reason is... that is not reviewing or commenting but just whining and hating cause some people don't have something they like, it is not even objective but just based on the existence of cultivation elements alone.

Trafford · Anime & Comics
570 Chs

Harry Potter and the Tragic Path

A new Harry Potter Fanfic! Yeah, I wrote this simply because I hate the Dursleys. Harry Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived was a smart child with terrible living conditions, all of which were coordinated by a manipulative old man. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of Magical Britain, Harry doesn't act how most would expect. Beat someone down enough and eventually they'll SNAP! Read my other books : Elder Blood Witcher : https://www.webnovel.com/book/elder-blood-witcher_15882698206325105 Steel Waste : https://www.webnovel.com/book/steel-waste_18419577106748205 Modern History : https://www.webnovel.com/book/modern-history_16738054905046405 Join my discord community! : https://discord.gg/mG4vG5SUbF if you want to support me than go to my Patreon at : https://www.patreon.com/Nagross, Thanks!

Niggross · Book&Literature
129 Chs

Highschool DxD: A New Satan

‘You were just born in the wrong era.’ That is something Vincent had heard countless times from his close ones. And he agreed. He knew where he could take the world should he had had the technology, but he could only do so much when the entire world tried to control and collar him. He pushed himself to the limits but ultimately was shackled by his humanity. Sadly the only solace he found was in stories where he could see men and women like him achieve what he could not. Luckily enough however, he was given the chance to go to a world he knew allowed for almost anyone to have near limitless potential should one know how to grasp it. He simply needed to not die before reaching the peak.

Alexander_the_grey · Anime & Comics
74 Chs

Carl the Jumper

The author avatar, Carl, finds himself on one of those Jump Chain Adventures. THIS IS COPY ORIGINAL : https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13488233/1/Carl-the-Jumper AUTHOR : AngorMike I am not earning anything from this fanfic.........

TheOneThatRead · Anime & Comics
115 Chs

Highschool DxD: Satan of Wrath (Dropped)

Just my luck that I died. But getting reborn into the anime bordering on Hentai DxD as the son of one of the most underappreciated devil clans. Well to that, I say it was my lucky day. Quite lucky indeed.

ArifuretaForever · Anime & Comics
46 Chs