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Run my dear, If you can~

A Yandere Male x Male Reader. To start off, It is about Tobias and Y/n. Two childhood friends who lives together in a nice home. Before he lives with Y/n, he lived with his abusive father and weak mother, seeing how possessive and controlling his father is to his mother and the way his father beat her and scream when he is drunk. Only being 4 when Tobias shot his father down after his mother passed out from all the punches and slaps. While his Mother was passed out, the young Tobias was able to experience the thrill of killing his father, shooting him multiple times, finishing it off by saying. "This is fun Daddy!" Before another shot was directed onto the father's head. Somehow, Tobias wasn't charged with the murder of his father. Being a child and his father was known as being an ass toward all people. His Mother was close friends with Y/n Mother, knowing each other from high school when they were young. Letting them move in and stay with them. Y/n met Tobias that way and their relationship started off into a tight bond. Doing everything together. But the trauma with Tobias Mother was still with her as later on she took her own life, having Y/n parents adopt Tobias. What will happen between them two and their own future? Read to find out. :)

Baba_boey ยท Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings