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Enforcer Manual

In the dystopian world of 2166, District Seventeen, my current abode, earned the dubious honor of being labeled the Federation's most decrepit sector. The specter of unemployment looms large... The count of missing individuals steadily climbs... A relentless tide of fugitives... As many people say, Enforcer is the most dangerous career on this planet. And I, unfortunately, have become one. (Cyberpunk + Post-apocalyptic, four completed novels over millions of words. Feel free to read in any way you wish.)

Taogu · Games
Not enough ratings
413 Chs

Working As A Chef In The Fantasy World

Li Yang was transmigrated to a fantasy world but he had become a chef with no cultivation talent. Fortunately, he had awakened the Strongest Chef System. He would be rewarded as long as the food he had made was eaten. Foundation +99. Vitality +99. Perception +99. He could also unlock new recipes to create dishes that could give special buffs. [Egg Fried Rice]: Perfectly separated grains and fluffy eggs. Increases strength. [Ginseng Beef Soup]: Warm and sweet. Increases vitality. [General Tso’s Chicken]: Coated in thick red sauce. Sweet and sour. Increases perception. [Steamed Fish]: Heals hidden wound. With his food, Li Yang was able to become the center of attention of his entire sect.

Another World Gourmet · Eastern
40 Chs