Working As A Chef In The Fantasy World Book

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Working As A Chef In The Fantasy World

Another World Gourmet

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Li Yang was transmigrated to a fantasy world but he had become a chef with no cultivation talent. Fortunately, he had awakened the Strongest Chef System. He would be rewarded as long as the food he had made was eaten. Foundation +99. Vitality +99. Perception +99. He could also unlock new recipes to create dishes that could give special buffs. [Egg Fried Rice]: Perfectly separated grains and fluffy eggs. Increases strength. [Ginseng Beef Soup]: Warm and sweet. Increases vitality. [General Tso’s Chicken]: Coated in thick red sauce. Sweet and sour. Increases perception. [Steamed Fish]: Heals hidden wound. With his food, Li Yang was able to become the center of attention of his entire sect.


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