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Transmigrated With A Movie Tech System

Zeke travels through the parallel worlds and activates the Marvel Technology System! He builds an Iron Man at the start! Develop Super Soldier Serum in one month! He invented the Pym Particle in half a year! With the Marvel Technology System, Zekes' Technology has been directly ahead of the world for hundreds of years! Follow Zeke and his creations dominate the parallel world! --------- Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. ---------- Author: DREAMCATHER Translator: NanashiHonda ----------- Raw souce on Auxiliary. ............ ....... .... . [Tl/n: Support us on our Patreon if you want to read more chapters. [Patre0n.com/LazySeeker]] We're recruiting! We're looking for talented individuals to join our team to help us pump out high-quality chapters and pick up new series! Our current open positions are: > *Translators* > - 1$ per chapter > - Must be fluent in English, no previous translation experience is required so long as you pass our test. If you have any questions or want to submit the test, dm me on my discord: MyYandereWife#6736 Ps: There are still two open spots.

Novelette_Seeker · Movies
410 Chs

Anime is an Outer God's Playground

CURRENT WORLD: Danmachi (Part 2) *Warning: Is wish fulfillment with a huge pokemon harem, there will be slow pace and development at need and MC bangs every girl in harem* Want a break from the ads— I mean... Want a description of this fic ? Fine. Akira, a normal human gets reincarnated into an Anime World with three wishes, thanks to the ROB. "If I can't wish for Omnipotence, then I'll create a scenario where I become absurdly OP in day one !" He said. And that's what happened, "I got you homie!" The ROB laughed. Day 1- "It's only being one day— It feels like a thousand centuries... The power of [Boundless Records] is forcefully changing my personality..." Corrupted by the power of infinite knowledge, Akira becomes an Outer God with the ability to travel worlds and seduce any women he wants throughout the vast multiverse! "This is the birth of a new Outer God!" A####### shouted. ―――――― [ Three/ Fours Chapters a week in WN. 20 Daily Chapters Ahead in my Patreon: Patreon.com/skyfall12 ] NO NTR OR FORCED IN ANY KIND! This is a wish fulfillment fic with cruel characters and twisted beings that don't flinch at death or torture. MC is an anti-hero (Not too evil, reasonable, generous but not a nice person) You can expect: • ABSURDLY OVERPOWERED MC ! • POKEMON MULTIVERSAL HAREM ! • REGULAR R18 AND AROUSING CONTENT ! • SLOW-PACED ROMANCE AT NEED ! And most importantly... CONSTANT UPLOAD!! ――Worlds―― Tensura/ DxD/ Overlord/ HOTD/ Akame Ga Kill/ Overgeared/ Chainsaw Man/ Outer Realm/ Danmachi... ――Additional Tags―― Evil mc, cruel characters, antihero mc, cruel mc, wish fulfillment, Isekai, outer god, multiverse, Omniverse, harem, pokemon harem, big harem, Tensura, slime anime, highschool dxd, DxD, anime, animeverse, nsfw, R18 story, Dragonball, Danmachi, helltaker, fate, fate grand order, yandere, invincible, overpowered, Multiverse fanfiction, Crossover, Multiverse fic, multiverse-travelling, multiverse traveling with wish fulfillment, multiverse-travelling, anime worlds, sandbox, playground, evil mc, devil mc, demon mc, killer mc, serial killer mc, wicked mc, psychopathic mc, evil characters, slavery

LXVE_MuRdxR69 · Anime & Comics
139 Chs

Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

Dying was supposed to be the end, but it wasn’t, so I will make the best out of it - - - https://www.pa-treon.com/cornbringer I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com First novel, I hope you guys enjoy, please let a comment and review if you feel like it. Love y’all.

159 Chs

Creating The Manga Of Naruto On Naruto World Become My Ultimate Goal!

I, Akabane was graduated from the university of arts & design in the 21st century then suddenly traversed into the Naruto’s world, by bringing my knowledge of arts and my love of Naruto comic I decided to recreate Naruto comic here… [Ding! Comic System has been activated!] Great! Ninjutsu? Kekkei Genkai? As long as I can draw more comics, I would be unmatched! …Or am I? === Author: Funeral Translator: Levaa Raw Source: sj.uukanshu.com === *Disclaimer* Cover, not mine, found it on net-kun. DM me if the owner wants me to remove it and I will.

Levaa · Anime & Comics
378 Chs

GoT: Break the Wheel

The Main Character is a Male Targaryen who is named Eragon Targaryen, he is Daenerys Targaryen's twin brother. This is tagged Yuri because girls in his harem will get intimate during sex with the MC and people cry when they aren't warned. (people also seem to cry when they don't instantly see Yuri sex if it's tagged Yuri, you can't make people happy.) This is AU - This is an Alternate Universe of George's world. Expect people and things to be entirely different because of small changes butterflying out. Alternate Universe! Like how The entire first 25 chapters is a 'Time skip' until Eragon is 14 years old. So the first 25 chapters are just random POVs of others and him to build up the world and show changes. Instead of just saying "he was born and 14 years passed." I wrote out the 14 years in a 'fast' way and showed some character build-up for different people. Now that the easily triggered have been warned I can let you know more about the story. World exploration and conquest will be a big theme in this over the many chapters it will eventually be. So far he hasn't gotten around all that much but it's only chapter 70 out of like at least 1000 if I estimate it right. And that might be shorting it quite a bit as I will be making this a very long fan fic. Dragons are in this, new ones. Magic will be touched quite a bit, nothing like altering reality but definitely a cool flaming sword. I like to think I build up the characters pretty well and have them stick to their personalities pretty well. I said it before but world exploration and diving into the lore of new places are one of the things I look forward to the most so it's a pretty big part. I don't know what else, try it if the world of ASOIAF interest you, if it doesn't then this wont be something you like in the slightest.

Pretending_Author · Book&Literature
189 Chs

Conquering The Omni-Verse!

•Universes• _____________ •The Boys •Invincible—Ongoing •All Tomorrows •Final Space •Star Wars •Marvel +Mini adventures to other verses like Star Trek. _____________ The Omniverse—the collection of every universe, multiverse, reality spheres and every form of dimension that is, was and is yet to be. Some may call it the source of everything. What will happen to the Omniverse at large when an extremely smart and chaotic scientist is thrown into its muddy waters? What will happen if because of a disturbing experience, he decides to take matters into his own hands and contro of everything in his sights? Stick around to find out why entire Multiversal and Dimensional clusters tremble at the mention of the Prime Conqueror! Additional Tags: [Mature Content][Gore][Neutral Evil Mc] [Manipulation-Type Mc][Messed Up Scenes] [Dimensional Hopping][Intelligent Mc] [Psychic Powers][Overpowered Mc][Sadistic/Lustful Mc][Large Scale Battles][Mind Control][Evolution][Character Growth] |Note|~ Expect evil things that wil make your skin crawl, beware when reading. Don't read if you hate scummy and evil things, no one should read and later complain about Mc's actions. You have been warned! 《•I don't own anything except the OC's, everything apart from that belongs to their respective creators•》 《•Image doesn't belong to me but was suggested to me by a reader so if you're the owner and you want me to take it off, let me know•》 -Thank You.

KingSeyer · TV
173 Chs

Game of Thrones : Paladin of Old Gods (Draft)

A boy dies as a result of friction between a demon and an angel. He will have to be compensated and it will be his lawyer who will fight for him to get what he wants most... The plot, the world, the characters of ASOIAF belong only to its owner. All references to Wizard of the coast and all related owners of D&D and the world of Forgotten Realms belong to them. Changes to the plot and the inclusion of other characters, are of my own invention. This Fanfiction was not written with the intent to create profit but based on creativity and fun. The cover Belong to me. This is just a draft (Although incredible) created by illustrator and artist rushiyt. If you'd like to support my work, here's the link to my Ko-Fy donation page: https://ko-fi.com/duncanrandargotpaladin

Duncan_Randar · TV
197 Chs

HP transmigrated into Domeric Bolton (GOT and HP crossover)

Harry Potter dies at the age of 28 in an accident by falling through the Veil. His soul travels through dimensions and end up in the body of 7 year old Domeric Bolton who recently died due to a horse accident. Plus, If you like my work and want to support me, then please do so at- patreon.com/ankit1 Upto 100 additional chapters in Patreon.

Fortunate_Soul · TV
380 Chs