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Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

After five years, Ning Xi returned to the place that had pushed her away — home. With a sister who turned her parents against her and made her childhood sweetheart betray her, the odds seemed grey. However, five years abroad had changed her, and she came home to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Despite her evil sister still out to get her, tables will be turned. One day, after falling into one of her sister's schemes, she saves an adorable kid and found herself staying at his house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao began falling for her. This was before they realised how their lives had been intertwined all this while without their knowledge.

Jiong Jiong You Yao · Urban
2165 Chs

O Recomeço em um mundo de RPG

Sofrer por causa do erro de outras pessoas, isso resume bem a vida de um jovem garoto, mas mesmo com tudo e todos conspirando contra ele conseguiu sobreviver. Quem iria imaginar que alguém que sobreviveu a praticamente tudo morreria de um jeito tão normal, um dia quando estava em mais uma de suas fugas foi atropelado, morte instantânea, mas algo ainda tinha sido reservado para ele, isso era... uma segunda chance. Ele acorda em uma sala, com o auto intitulado deus estagiário, ele tem a escolha de recomeçar em um novo mundo, cheio de magia e coisas maravilhosas, mas que também irá trazer grandes perigos. Essa é uma história inspirada nos isekais japoneses, nosso protagonista viverá em um mundo de magia e monstros perigosos, conseguirá ele sobreviver nesse mundo assim como fazia em sua antiga vida? (Se bem que ele morreu). Isekai de acordo com a Wikipédia: Isekai (異世界 lit."mundo diferente") é um subgênero de light novels, mangás, animes e jogos eletrônicos de fantasia caracterizado por um protagonista normal (geralmente um habitante contemporâneo da Terra) sendo transportado ou preso em um universo paralelo.

RenCmps · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
60 Chs

The Elegant Tip (LongChinChin)

Algún lugar. Afuera de un edificio. Por la tarde. Con el tráfico algo abultado. En la acera. (In English next) Las personas pasaban y algunas se quedaban mirando atrás a una persona que también estaba caminando. *Murmullos* *Murmullos* Ese tipo parecía alguien de la nobleza, no era el "más" atractivo que existía pero si tenía bastante clase, un cuerpo delgado, cabello rubio bien peinado, corto hasta su nuca, ojos azules Índigos y una expresión muy aguda y despreocupada en su cara de escultura fina parecida al marfil. Se notaba de 18-20 años, pero desprendía un aura muy elegantemente adulta y sus ropas de trabajo de cuello blanco también lo eran. Llamaba mucho, aunque no tanto, la atención de ese lado de la acera, hasta que... "Yo..." Bajó la cabeza y nadie podía ver su expresión. "¡Quiero...!" Empezó a temblar y repentinamente tiró la maleta de su mano hacia el suelo con energía... "¡FOLLAAAAAAARRRRRRR!" "........." [Ding: Misión (Gritar su deseo más profundo del momento en público) Completada. - Recompensa 1: Técnica Antigua del Dragón Desvergonzado. - Recompensa 2: Abriendo Sistema de Viajes Vacacionales... - Abierto. *Felicidades* - Su primer Viaje Vacacional se realizará en tres horas. - Destino: Marvel, Deadpool, Cabina Telefónica.] Ésta será mi Tercera novela. La primera es: I am in Kuroinu? Link: https://m.webnovel.com/book/i-am-in-kuroinu-(por-longchinchin)_18107265006434905 Y la segunda es:I am in Summertime Saga? Link: https://m.webnovel.com/book/i-am-in-summertime-saga-(por-longchinchin)_18525094405011905 Actualización: Depende de mi estado de ánimo y mis ganas, de -3 a 3 capítulos por semana. No me pertenece Marvel, no me pertenece la imagen de portada, no me pertenece ningún otro personaje de cualquier otra historia que salga, no me pertenece los Animes y demás por si salen algunos, no me pertenece la historia de Marvel... ¡No me pertenece nada! ... Eso es todo. ******************** Somewhere. Outside of a building. In the afternoon. With somewhat bulky traffic. On the sidewalk. People passed by and some stared back at a person who was also walking. *Whispers* *Whispers* That guy looked like someone from the nobility, he was not the "most" attractive that existed but he was classy enough, a slim body, well-groomed blond hair, short to the nape of the neck, Indigo blue eyes and a very sharp and carefree expression on his face. of fine ivory-like sculpture. He looked 18-20 years old, but He gave off a very elegantly grown-up aura and his white-collar work clothes were too. It attracted a lot, though not so much, attention on that side of the sidewalk, until ... "I..." He lowered his head and no one could see his expression. "I want...!" He started shaking and suddenly he threw the suitcase from his hand towards the ground with energy ... "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" "........." [Ding: Mission (Shout out his deepest wish of the moment in public) Completed. - Reward 1: Ancient Technique of the Shameless Dragon. - Reward 2: Opening Vacation Travel System ... - Open. *Congratulations* - Your first Vacation Trip will take place in three hours. - Destination: Marvel, Deadpool, Telephone Booth.] This will be my third novel. The first is: I am in Kuroinu? Link: https://m.webnovel.com/book/i-am-in-kuroinu-(por-longchinchin)_18107265006434905 And the second is: I am in Summertime Saga? Link: https://m.webnovel.com/book/i-am-in-summertime-saga-(por-longchinchin)_18525094405011905 Update: It depends on my mood and my desire, from -3 to 3 chapters per week. Marvel does not belong to me, I do not own the image of cover, I do not own any other character from any other story that comes out, I do not own the Animes and others in case some come out, the Marvel story does not belong to me ... Nothing belongs to me! ... That is all.

Long_ChinChin · Fantasy
20 Chs

Scarlet Conqueror

Reincarnation in the son of Leonidas, and The conquest of different worlds, looting population, resources and bloody and epic wars, ... The future invasion will come to anime worlds, movies and novels ... . The Beautiful Elven Capital ... A beautiful elf dressed in silver armor informed the Elf Queen ... Foreigners with golden helmets crested by red feathers are heading towards the capital, there are too many and they are accompanied by golden giants with large swords . A great underground city protected by sculptures of giant dwarfs ... A crowned dwarf dressed in golden armor also carrying a great golden ax ... ordered the dwarves to arm the war machines. Millions of armed dwarves gazed into the distance ... Block the door! A gigantic steel door closed slowly ... . Who dares to invade our borders! A Chinese emperor rose, called his generals The emperor mounted a great golden Chinese dragon followed by his millions of soldiers ... The ancient sects in the mountains also sent their most talented disciples along with some internal elders. . How dare you! A tall man with short blond hair, who also has extremely long lobes, has drums joined by a hoop on his back. I am the omnipotent god, suffer mortals! He raised his hand and a thousand rays fell from the sky . A beautiful mature woman dressed in armor and followed by a large number of knights, looked out at the vast strange army heading towards the royal capital. I am Queen Mirellia and I order foreigners to withdraw before starting a War! . A spartan man dressed entirely in metallic scarlet red with a golden cape, standing on a golden chariot carried by two giant golden lions, raised his spear forward. Whoever gets in my way WILL DIE, it doesn't matter if you are a kind god or the cruelest demon, I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD IN MY LANCE! The bobbing lions roared and began to move, followed by millions of soldiers with golden spears and shields, thousands of golden giants, minotaurs, centaurs ... etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you like, any recommendation of a new world let me know, Thank you.

Rex_Prometeus · War
22 Chs

ANIME LIFE DRAFT (Spanish Version)

Izumi Natsumura es una chica normal -o eso dice ella- que fue expulsada del club de anime por tomárselo demasiado en serio. Ahora, junto con Sotoka-chan e Ino, busca crear el mejor club que haya existido: ANIME LIFE. ¿Podrá lograrlo? ¿Conseguirán a los miembros restantes? ¿Convencerán a la presidenta Fujimoto de crear ANIME LIFE? Y ¿qué significa ANIME LIFE, en primer lugar? Bueno, esto solo ellas lo dirán.

YuaraKant · Teen
Not enough ratings
50 Chs

The Empress of the National Film is Sweet as Honey

Young Master Ye, what happened that year was an accident! I didn't want to do that! " "So, you don't want to be responsible for this?" The handsome, quiet, elegant and magnificent man narrowed his eyes dangerously. There were two small rolls next to him. One on the left and one on the right. They both looked at her anxiously ... During her coming-of-age ceremony, her older sister scum set her up and she ended up giving birth to two dead babies from an unknown father. Four years later, she came back to take revenge! And humble idiots who tried to oppress her, were destroyed one by one and those who did not believe her received a slap in the face. Those who owed it, don't even think about running away! There is no place where you will be safe from me! A sweet and gentle girl has turned into a beautiful demon, it is the monsters in the villains' nightmares. For she has become the greatest and most powerful of them all. Unbeknownst to her, she became the notorious phantom doctor, the God of Painters who was revered by tens of thousands, and even became the Empress of the world-famous film. Once careless, she was caught by Ye Lixiao, the relentless and cold-blooded patriarch of the Ye Family that everyone feared. Everyone also said that Ye Lixiao was a person with a clean heart, did not have much desire and did not like to approach the opposite sex. Xing Luo: F ***! If she knew who it was that simply spread this kind of deceitful propaganda, she would definitely kill that bastard! She just didn't know that the rumor was true, who she mused was Ye Lixiao, as he turned on the murderous way of winning a wife.

shai_oliveira · Urban
50 Chs


Nuestro protagonista se despierta en un nuevo cuerpo, en un cuarto oscuro sin saber donde esta y que esta pasando. inspirado en el mundo de "dungeon dragón" y "brujo del mundo de magos", un mundo cruel. Empieza con humor y misterio, voy tratar de mantener un poco de misterio y el humor bueno... no prometo mucho, se supone que va haber humor o intento de humor que es por el contexto de que el protagonista se adapta con su sentido común en un nuevo entorno. pueden comentar si creen que deba cambiar algo, tengo una idea de lo que voy escribiendo (trato que este en un español neutro avisen si debo cambiar algo pero si veo que algo pase o me equivoco, o una recomendación es bien venida. Ahh casi se me olvidó... estoy escribiendo en un celular... por ello, ahí algunos errores que se me pasan por alto y estoy familizandome con la app, una disculpa adelantada.

Wokiekim · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
24 Chs

Lo que nunca escribí de ti

Una escritora de romance y obesa, está en busca de cumplir su sueño de ser reconocida, pero comete un error que le causa grandes problemas. Por tratar de cautivar a sus lectoras, utiliza a un modelo desconocido como protagonista, lo que no sabía era que ese modelo iba a ser su dolor de cabeza. Debido a las imágenes que utilizó sin su autorización para la novela, este tratará de ponerse en contacto con ella para pedirle amablemente que elimine las mismas, pero ella se niega rotundamente y comienza a ocultarse con un seudónimo para que no logren contactarla más. Él se ve en la obligación de investigar sobre ella y de leer dicha novela; al darse cuenta que ella escribe historias sobre chicas obesas y él es parte de ese proyecto, se altera, a tal grado, que comienza a acosarla por mensajes. Él es todo lo contrario a como lo describe la escritora. Al descubrir que ella está en otro país, viaja para buscarla y proceder a demandarla, pero no contaba con que ella no lo reconocería en persona y que sería más difícil lidiar con ella por su forma de ser.

Not enough ratings
31 Chs