Vampir Amnesia Book

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Vampir Amnesia


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Vampire Amnesia A twenty year old youth who is originally a seven hundred year old vampire has Amnesia. He forgot that he was a vampire. He made various attempts to recover his memory. Axell Donovan lives alone with his guardian, Hogan. The death of his parents made the young man lost his memory. He even forgot how exactly the events that made his parents' lives were lost. At the same time Hogan's grandson, eighteen year old Bilbina, is trying to get a chance to study at a campus outside the town where Axell and Hogan live. Bilbina insisted on living with her grandfather. She demands her right as a granddaughter to get love from Hogan. She feels that her grandfather has been unfair because he prefers to stay away from his family to accompany his far relative, Axell. Finally, with a heavy heart, Hogan allowed Bilbina to live with him. However, since Bilbina's arrival, Axell felt something strange about him. Out of nowhere came the strange, terrifying desire within him, he could smell the girl's blood. Not only that, sometimes Axell even imagined how good it would be if he could taste the taste of Bilbina's blood. Because he was afraid of himself, Axell finally tried to stay away from Bilbina. However, oddly enough he began to have other terrifying visions. The vision was far more terrifying than he had ever imagined. His identity and the cause of his parents' death began to find a light. He turned out that he is a vampire.


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