Ancient God in the Modern World Book

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Ancient God in the Modern World


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The God of Life and Death was assaulted by eight other Gods and went to his divine slumber. When he woke up, he was no longer in the era that he knew. He woke up in the modern era where there were no Gods. Follow the protagonist as he returns to his peak. But, the question is: can he still return to his peak? Or will he return to his divine slumber never to wake up again? ... In ancient times, the world was dominated by the gods. They rule with love and care for their subjects. They protect and treat them as their own. But where do gods come from? Some say they are the manifestation of beliefs. Some also say that gods exist along with the universe while others say they are supreme since they are the ones who created the universe. Read the book and discover the secrets of a God and the eternal secret of the world. Disclaimer: the pic is not mine and will belong to its owner. Feel Free to DM me to remove the image. (Young Master Jay#1823)


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