Fantasy Evolution

Author: souryourer
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What is Fantasy Evolution

Read ‘Fantasy Evolution’ Online for Free, written by the author souryourer, This book is a others Fanfic, covering HAREM Fanfiction, ANIME Fan Fiction, NARUTO Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: I did not own any rights to any of the fantasy world settings but every thing other than that is my own creation.-------...


I did not own any rights to any of the fantasy world settings but every thing other than that is my own creation. --------------- volume 1: beginning volume 2: treasure island volume 3: high school of the dead volume 4: titanic volume 5: black lagoon volume 6: Mummy, the fruit of grisaia volume 7: sherlock holmes volume 8: jormungand volume 9: pirates of the Caribbean volume 10: naruto volume 11: in time volume 12: survival event volume 13: K project volume 14: Food wars volume 15: attack on titans Volume 16: soul land 1 Why should god and devil fight? Why should good and evil fight? Even if they fight who arranged them fight? Of course I know the answer for this question. Something that is right in front of your eyes but it is so hard to find sigh… ……… This world is too boring for me sigh…. What is this strange world? Why am I in a movie? What this is the real world and the one that I have been living is just a sanctuary. This fantasy world can make every literary work into a different world movies, anime, novels and even games…….. What the hell is all this place….. Hey why should I build my own city here….. Military rank I am not in the army……..

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Waking up in a place he didn't recognize, his body hooked up to a plethora of things within what appeared to just be a hospital room at a glance, he would soon find out that the world he once knew had changed drastically, with nothing of his own left to desperately cling onto anymore. ---------- I'd advise you to read the entire description! Just saying... ---------- [Disclaimer #1: I do not claim ownership of any pictures that are seen within this story. All of the credit goes to their creators, whoever they are.] [Disclaimer #2: I do not claim to be a good writer, nor have I ever done that. I write because it provides a good distraction for me to avoid thinking about certain aspects of my life. Not only that, however, but it's always felt relaxing for me to do in my free time. As a result, there isn't really a consistent upload schedule in my works. I just do it whenever I feel like it.] [Disclaimer #3: I'm just going to put this here, at least for the people who seem to get the meanings mixed up, but I'm talking about the three variations of NTR. It's divided up into three types. I'll just give the really basic definitions. 1. Netorare: Your partner is stolen away from you. 2. Netori: You steal someone else's partner. 3. Netorase: You allow your partner to be with someone else. Just to add some clarification, the MC will be doing the second one: Netori. He is not a cuck whatsoever, so there's no need to be afraid of that sort of thing happening.] [Disclaimer #4: This is a work of fiction. While a story can be realistic, there are just certain things that you shouldn't bother trying to apply realism to. Just give it some thought and then rethink your decision about making such an insignificant complaint.] [Disclaimer #5: Do not be surprised by the amount of smut that may be included within this story. I plan on implementing quite a bit later down the line, so I've just decided to throw out a premature warning in case there are complaints about it in the future.] ---------- [Tags: Harem, Romance, Action, Adventure, Situational Power Levels, R18, Magic, Superpowers, Wish Fulfillment, Apocalypse, Netori, Alternate Universe Elements, Positive Tones, Dark Tones, World Travel, Possible Crossovers, Shota, Breeding, Tragedy, Slow Pace, Fast Pace, Major Character Death, Gender Switches, No Yuri, System.] (The tags might either change or expand as time goes on.)

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Volume 1 :beginning
Volume 2 :volume 2 treasure island
Volume 3 :volume 3 high school of the dead
Volume 4 :volume 4 titanic
Volume 5 :volume 5 Black lagoon
Volume 6 :volume 6 the mummy world
Volume 7 :volume 7 sherlock holmes
Volume 8 :Volume 8-Jormungand
Volume 9 :volume 9 Pirates of the Caribbean
Volume 10 :volume 10 Naruto
Volume 11 :volume 11 In time


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The story has an understandable writing quality; However, there are things that I personally don't like, for example, telling people that they are fictional characters and that their world is an anime or movie created by a fat otaku. The existential crisis and denial does not exist after revealing that the world is a fantasy and is not the 'real world'; literally the protagonist mentions to the female characters that he comes from the 'real world'. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


Its a great book & truthfully a hidden gem . I read the entire book till the latest chapter in a single day & I was neither disappointed nor bored . Its a mystery how this book is not ranked higher or not recommended more . Its truly an entertaining & satisfying find . Just hope it doesn't get dropped .


First, this a suggestion, can you run the chapter through google docs before posting it, it will underline grammatical errors and control-alt-x will make the spellcheck pop up. I think it would improve the fluidity of your novel by a lot. now for review, good novel. updates are good, story development hasn't happened much where I've read to, character development feels forced especially towards the women but it is explained so not bad, really like the world background but i only gave it a 4 because the sanctuary's weren't really explained well, like why or what they are as well as the "real world" it would imply that the sanctuary's are false worlds like the fantasy ones. so an explanation would be better but it's your story


love the story just feel there are too many women bro I understand he likes more but these are too much bro like the whole Island is filled with lovers it's like he's playing pok*mon with them ""catching em all"" and after each world when he tells about his harem to more women that part feels repetitive and too fake like he tells the same dialog to all of them


I'm still reading, but I want to write that I like everything so far, both grammar and plot, history and description, etc. and behind all the pluses you don’t want to look for minuses - I won’t and you don’t look)) xd


viejo no se que te fumaste pero te funciono de pana, recomedadisimo recomedadisimo recomedadisimo




Where is the marvel ??????? When he go in marvel ??? Only marvel worlds is interesting




I would recommend that everyone reads this book. I hope the author keeps up the good work.


Interesting story with a lot of potential.




In The beginning it was bad but after treasure island it’s get better


Keep up the good work Keep up the good work Keep up the good work


Reveal spoiler


Boa historia .


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