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    Breaking the Chain: The Slave

    I'll try to add 1 Chapter (1,200+ words) every Saturday or Sunday. A man who hates slavery suddenly finds himself stuck between his ideology and life's practicality upon encountering a slave who's collar can neither be destroyed nor removed. Magnius Gran must now make the decision, to break a vow and claim ownership of Silf Wiltleaf in order to protect her, or live with a decision that could haunt him forever. Curiosities arise as he soon discovers his understanding of Rune Magic to be woefully flawed and this girl, and her collar, hold the answers to questions never before asked! As time passes Silf becomes something far more important to him than he ever imagined! Contains Swearing, Substance use, Violence, Mental illness, Slavey, Cursing, and Sexual Themes, and other such triggering content. "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves" Abraham Lincoln #BlackLiveMatter! "I hate the word Homophobia. It's not a Phobia. You're not scared. Your an asshole" Morgen Freemen #Love

    JadRabitEmperor · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    [TriggerWarning]:contains mature contents,strong language,violence and trauma. Having a steady lifestyle was what he aspired to have. Never had he ever dared to step out of his comfort zone.Doctor Alexander O'Brien was a famous psychologist satisfied with his current life and never thought that anything would disturb it until one day he was asked to tame the beast. "Call me Ezra,"she said out of the blue after a few minutes of silence. Seeing my confusion she continued talking"Ezra like in Ezrael,the angel of death in the bible.I am not really a religious person but once an old man I was beheading called me this,so I kept the name cuz I liked it" And after failing miserably, he was dragged into her prison break and kidnapped for her fun. "I wasn't actually asking you doc,I am taking you along anyway.I didn't have a pet for a while.You might as well keep me company" "No"I denied her firmly. She sighed deeply before adding in a whisper"The hard way it is..." Ezra the strong, intelligent,cynical, arrogant,and psychopathically violent woman and Doctor Alex will embark on a twisted adventure trying to find the crippled, an underworld mastermind that will turn both their lives into a game to get revenge for the sins they committed in their mutual past. What's the connection between Ezra and Alex? What happened to Ezra to become like that? Why did Alex lose his memory? Was their meeting fate? Or a fake coincidence? Who is the crippled? Can we call it love? Will they survive till the end? Read"My Angel of Death" a romantic suspense and discover the answers to those questions,witnessing the mysteries unfold. Please read,vote,and support my novel:) If you want more content related to this story feel free to visit my Instagram account: author_gabbynemlong

    Gabby Nemlong · Horror&Thriller
    Not enough ratings
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    Dancing on the lines

    Rot…Rot away in your own mind. Like a vegetable left in the bottom of the bin Left to rot in your own troubles Rot away Yes rot away…. #teenstory #depression #mindgames #sensitivesubjects #triggerwarnings

    20a22lexi14 · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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