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    The Vampire Luna

    Vampires and werewolves have been at war for centuries. In an attempt to make peace, Alessandra, the vampire princess, is wed to the Alpha Emperor of the werewolves, Xavier. All her life, Alessandra has grown up learning that the werewolves are barbaric in nature, a far cry from the elegant vampires. What happens, though, when Alessandra realizes that this is far from the truth? Their relationship starts off rocky with misunderstandings about each other, but through time, a bond slowly builds as they encounter and overcome obstacles together as king and queen, alpha and luna, husband and wife! When a cult started by an ancient vampire attempts to sow discord between two kingdoms, can Alessandra and Xavier maintain peace between both races? Or will their kingdoms fall into war and ruin, dragging their budding love down with it? — [Excerpt] When the guards declared the groom's entrance, everyone's attention turned to the door. I felt a hammer on my chest. Here comes the barbarian, I thought. I was looking away, lowering my gaze. The man entered the wedding hall. I felt like my intestine would come out of my mouth. The sudden gulps of the guests were not going unnoticed in my ears. What caused the guests to respond like that? Was the man that hideous? I lost my zeal to look at him. With a heavy heart, I kept looking away until he stood in front of me. Slowly, I glanced at the man standing in front of me. My heart was pounding so hard that I felt like it would burst. I gasped. There was no way he was the alpha lord and the groom of tonight's wedding. The phenomenally handsome man from earlier was standing right in front of me. Up close, he was multiple times more attractive. Barbaric man? Who? He was radiating such royal energy that even the noblest vampires were intimidated when he entered. My husband-to-be.

    RobinDAce · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Vampire Diaries: The Werewolf's Wife

    The day I was defeated and died in a battle, I knew that I didn't have the prestige to see the sun again. I've had ratified my fate until I woke up in the middle of the woods and realized that I've had transmigrated into the body of a Female Vampire named, Thalia Hackensen. Until I've met a werewolf, under the moonlight, and owned me as his wife. "You are the werewolf's wife, Thalia. You are mine and no one can steal you from me!" He said until his soft lips touched against mine. Settings: Fantasy World of Vampires and Werewolves Empire Genre: Fantasy Romance Pace: Slow Burn (If Grammar is terrible then leave! I am not writing to please everyone and trying hard to be perfect. Back off disclaimer/s). (All Free chapters will be edited soon. Remove the story from your library and then add it back to see a few changes in it.) Artwork: DevianArt If you have queries, you can ping me on Discord, Maryixxx#4838! Instagram: mariposa.ry or maryixx PS: Don't forget to read Rise of Princess Alice's Kingdom: Zombie Apocalypse! Thank you butterflies!

    Maryixxx · Fantasy
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    Diary of the Dead

    [125chaps only] [Completed] Death is such a simple and yet so complicated phenomenon. We spent all our lives trying to avoid death but eventually succumbing to it. But then what? Is everything over? Is it really the end as we imagine or all the stories about reincarnation, about ghosts are true? What happens when someone dies? There are many stories which end at death and some that extend beyond death. But my story... It begins at death. Hey everyone! I'm Chloe. I've recently become a ghost and I have no memories of my human life. Join me in my adventure where I discover my past and my future together. The adventure of a "Life" that exists beyond "Death." *PS: The cover picture is not mine, and I'll take it down if the original owner wants me to.* Check out my other story, "Across the Galaxy (Sci-fi)" I would like to thank AMRITA CHOUDHURY, A friend and a dear sister to me who helps me improve the grammar in the chapters. If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: @silly.mlk or @zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: https://discord.gg/rJPDJQA join discord to connect with other fans

    sillymlk · Horror
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    A Modern Vampire Diary

    The sky was the limit for Y/n, she had everything she could possibly ask for especially being a farm girl. Luckily her IQ landed her in the college of the riches, and with that she's found herself drawn to a group of boys called the Charms. Now the Charms will take her on the ride of her life.

    Armyboy · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Vampire diaries: Strange Love

    A young Vampire who loses her mother at a young age. She's been blamed for it but she can't defend herself because of her sickness "amnesia". She struggles to love because of her experiences. Will she eventually remember her past? Will she love again? Will her mom reincarnate?

    Grace_Harley1 · Fantasy
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    Vampire Nightlife

    “Meet. Befriend. Seduce.” Those were the words promised which made him excited. “Play Nightlife and date your favorite Vampire Girlfriend!” —-—- When Lukas purchased Nightlife, all he expected was dating all the girls and getting the sweet sweet "plot". He didn't expect to be thrown into the world entirely! What's a Vampire got to do to survive... what could he do to thrive? —-—- A world lived alone can be hell or paradise. Lukas considers himself to function on the latter side of things. A little bit cynical and snarky, and a little worn out with the world, all that comforts him is Virtual Reality Games and the clear cut way it progresses as long as you know the right answer. Never did he think that getting into the world of Nightlife would change things. Things aren't as they seem, conspiracies run afoot, but was he ready and willing to figure it all out? Wasn't it just easier to enjoy his time with his girlfriends? —-—- **The story has a System/LITRPG but doesn't appear as frequently compared to others at the start, it's more of a character-driven story **The tone is actually quite fun and lighthearted at the start and for the most part! **This story is for those who enjoy a healthy dose of realism mixed in with wish-fulfillment aspects. A strange blend, but a good one for specific people. Free Chapters on RoyalRoad! Tags: Polyamory, Slice of Life, Magic, Mystery, Worldbuilding, Conspiracy, Vampire

    Foncee_Cehl · Urban
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    The Vampire Diaries Book 1

    "Soph." I softly say. She looks up at me, "I'm sorry." I say. "Great minds think alike." she tells me. My eyes go wide, "What?" she asks. "Nothing, that just reminds me of something." I say. "Great minds think alike that I'm sorry too? For putting you in this situation?" she asks. "No." I say. Sophie looks at me weirdly, but I ignore her. For a second there I thought I had déjà vu, but maybe it was nothing. ~ i don't own any of the vampire diaries' characters, I only own my own. -c

    currentbabe · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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    Prime Vampire

    Check out my new novel Players Era: The system! ±±± In a world created by seven gods named Ethernasia, a mortal named Kyle and a goddess fell in love with each other. They lived happily until one day Kyle was assassinated due to the plot of two Gods jealous of him. Saddened by her lover's death the Goddess performed a forbidden spell on him, bringing his lover back from the deaths. However, Kyle who was brought back had changed, he was not human anymore, he became something entirely different from any existing races. He was the first of his race, a vampire. The Prime Vampire, sadly his lover became his first victim. Two thousand years later he was now coming back to Ethernasia (the world created by the seven Gods). The world that he once knew changed completely, people changed as well, still, Kyle's goal has not changed, his goal to live peacefully and leisurely with his loved ones had not changed even in this New World. Can Kyle easily achieve his goal? Read to know. This is Kyle's Life story, the story of his women and his fights until he achieved his goals. =============================================== Hello. I'm a new author, this is my first Original book. I hope you will be interested and read it. Also, English is not my first language, sorry in advance for any misspelled words or bad grammar, don't worry the story is interesting and I promise I will quickly improve. So, give this book a chance. Chapters Words are between 700~3000 words. The picture on the cover is not mine, it looks like one of my characters. Kyle the MC. I can take it down if it bothers. To know what happened before the MC came, you need to read Prime Vampire Avant, it's below. Check my second book: Death Guns in Another world as well.

    Nickaido · Fantasy
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    The vampire diaries.

    Travis_Larowe_7166 · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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