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    Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man

    Mo Yan was an illegitimate child of a rich family and was arranged by her mother to take the place of her sister in marriage to a poor man in order to fulfill the marriage contract set by the previous generation, allowing the Mo family to get their hands on that substantial dowry. Her sister said. "How can I marry such a vagrant? You, on the other hand, are much more suitable! Her father said. "Yanyan, as long as you are willing to marry him on your sister's behalf, I'll give you a sum which you can use to pay for your mother's medical fees." Her stepmother said. "You're nothing but a mutt, and you should be grateful for being the second young lady of the Mo family. Know your place!" Just like that Mo Yan married a man she had never met before in her sister, Mo Lian's place. He was poor and destitute and stayed in a dilapidated tiled house. It was said that he was a local gangster. On the night of their wedding, Mo Yan said, "You are my husband; you can do anything to me. He let her bathe inside an old bathroom with no lock and then pressed his body against hers. "It is late, let's go to bed?" Later on, her husband transformed and became a mysterious yet powerful rich person. Mo Yan screamed, "Impossible!" Soon, she found out that her husband was the same as her, marrying in place of another! This is the story of a wife and a husband marrying in place of someone else.

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    The Jin Family's Daughter is a Fortune Teller

    The real rich daughter of the Jin family has been brought home! However, rumor has it that she was a little crazy. She constantly messed around at graves and was a nutcase waiting to be sent to the mental asylum. Surprisingly, no one expected her to defeat chess grandmasters with a simple move, and she was so good at hacking that she caused a world-renown hacker to have autistic after besting him! Moreover, a tune she played offhandedly became a chart-topping song, while international jewelers worshiped her. Yet, she claims those weren't her strengths! Jealous of Jin Xi, the fake rich daughter laughed: My sister is even better at deceiving people and messing around at graves! Jin Xi: She's right. Feel free to ask more! Everyone:...Later, a superstition brewed online as the top movie star posted: [@Jin Xi, my right eyelid has been twitching for days. Is this a sign of something bad?]Magnate: [@Jin Xi, I had bad luck for three months. Can that be changed?]Top scientist: [@Jin Xi, my house keeps having trouble later. How much for an exorcism?]Mysterious big shot: [@Everyone, allow me to announce that Jin Xi is my wife.]Jin Xi: [@Mysterious big shot, please don't bother me while I'm at work, darling!]Everyone is mourning: Why did a power couple like you display your affection publicly? Are you trying to kill us?!

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    Substitute Wife: Madam Is The Real Bigshot!

    Thirteen years ago, Guan Tong's parents passed away, and her parents' company was taken over by her uncle and aunt. From then on, Guan Tong was stripped off of her family property and lived with her grandmother. For her grandmother's sake, Guan Tong promised her aunt that she would marry the man who was rumored to be in a comatose state in her cousin's place—the Young Master of the Lu family. Legend had it that the Young Master of the Lu family was in a vegetative state, and he murdered all four of his wives in the past. All four of these women died on their wedding night! Now, Guan Tong had become the fifth woman. It turned out that after her uncle and aunt seized the company that belonged to Guan Tong's family, they were facing bankruptcy due to poor management. At this time, the Lu family came looking for them and said that their daughter's fate was very compatible with Young Master Lu's, and they were willing to pay 100 million as a betrothal gift for her to marry their son. Her uncle and aunt could not bear to part with this sum of money, nor could they bear to part with their daughter, so they forced Guan Tong to become the stand-in. Everyone was waiting for the news of the bride's death on their wedding night, only to receive the shocking news of Young Master Lu's awakening! Later on, Young Master Lu even doted on the ugly Guan Tong to the heavens. People said that Young Master Lu had a peculiar taste and was actually willing to love such an ugly woman. Little did they know that when the layers of her multiple identities were uncovered, they realized that Guan Tong was a beautiful as an angel and a medical genius! All the bigshots in the business world and the top celebrities in showbiz begged her to give them medical treatment. Even her uncle and aunt's family, who persecuted her in the past, had no choice but to come to her for treatment.

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