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    Padfoot and his Nephew

    What if Harry had His godfather? What if Harry grew up in a good household not restricted by damning blood magic? What if Harry is a charming devil that thinks and charms people instead of just believing whatever he is told? and what if he is a proper noble that likes muggle playboy books like his godfather? LETS FIND OUT!! :) Oh and Harry might become overpowered... but it will make sense due to DumbyDork not being able to interfere and him having a good education from a decently early age. I dont own hp, J.K. Rowling does. The artwork is by HitoFanart and if you don't want me to use it I will take it down (I just REAAALLY LOVE YOUR WORK!) and btw its just a fanfic, dont hate... too much rofl.

    Zarosian · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Are you happy, my love?

    Remus is slowly losing interest in his relationship with Sirius. What will Padfoot do to make Moony his again?

    Daoist175356 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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    I'm okay

    Prongs_padfoot · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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