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  • Joy of Life

    A family inclined to kindness and charity would grace the descendants. Thanks to one small act of kindness, by providence she comes across a grateful friend; Fortunate that her mother, has done an unperceived good deed…. Men should rescue the distressed and aid the poor… Who would have guessed that kindness in this world ultimately would be the road that one must choose, that proverbial fork in the road? Clouds of rain float on eastern winds as new vines start to blossom. Though drums of war roar too loudly and their brilliance has been lost, a green grass carpet greets the sun by the break of morning. Let us wait for the yellow leaves, a few gourds are harvested.

    Mao Ni · History
  • I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror!

    Upon waking up, Flanders traveled to a modern world that had magic and turned into a scarecrow that had zero mobility! Fortunately, as long as he absorbed fear, he could continue to evolve! From then on, an existence that caused a headache for the Wizard’s Association was born! He was called the Demon Lord of Terror, Master of Nightmares, Ancient Evil Now, Nightmare’s Edge... He, was the most powerful existence in this world!

    Laughter and Joy · Fantasy

    “Haha, do you believe that I would have affection for a woman such as yourself? Furthermore, could you possibly think that I would enter into matrimony with a lady of rural upbringing? It is evident that you do not align with my preferences, you foolish individual." Hwang Yu-Jin expressed in an exasperated manner. "Indeed, can you honestly believe that you are deserving of being Yu-Jin's fiancée, let alone his wife? He has never harbored any love for you. You are merely an inexperienced girl from the countryside trying to take everything away from me." Song-Ae-cha declared, delivering a forceful kick to Song-Chae-yeong's abdomen with her shoe, causing her to painfully cough up a mouthful of blood. Song-Chae-yeong gazed at the man she had adored for as long as she could remember, accompanied by her trusted step sister. To her utter dismay, they both proved disloyal and treacherously turned against her. Rivulets of scorching tears cascaded down her exquisite, blood-stained countenance, as she lay motionless upon the elevated shoreline of the majestic lake, consumed by agony and sorrow. "Let us not squander precious time in this location, lest we attract unwanted attention and arouse suspicion," Yu-jin cautioned, his gaze fixed upon the lifeless form of Song-Chae-yeong, firmly grasping Song-Ae-cha's waist. "Very well, proceed to dispose of her in the sea and relinquish her to the marine life," Ae-cha uttered maliciously as Yu-Jin stepped away from her side and proceeded to drag Chae-yeong's lifeless body, who was barely breathing, and cast her into the sea from a great height. "Let us depart, my dear," Ae-cha declared whilst forcefully pulling Yu-Jin's arm, and together they turned their backs, walking away without glancing back. "Excuse me, awaken and cease your snoring resembling that of a swine," Song-Chae-yeong heard a voice as she sluggishly opened her eyes and surveyed her surroundings, realizing she was in a classroom. "What just happened?" ...She didn't know but it was so real. "How long has she slept to see all this while sleeping" she thought, wiping her face with her small soft palm hand. "What I definitely see isn't a joke, it's something about my past life, God loves me to return me back to life and set all things right, things repeat itself if care is not taken and I will make sure it never happened again and revenge and pay back 100 times with whoever ever hurts me and my loved ones in my past life." grab your popcorn and find out how she managed to survive. she lose? or win? each chapters shall let us know what happened and how she ends her life. let’s go and give it a shot.

    Rikky_Joy · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Mr. CEO sweet lover: Little bundle of joy

    "When I tell you that I love you, I don't say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that has ever happened to me" --- She was forced to marry this strange man because of one night stand which changed her life completely. His family wanted from him a child, so they arranged a marriage for the both of them. Li xiao tried everything to get away from him, but he only told her that she will never leave unless she gave birth to his child. Unknowingly to her, this strange man is the richest man in G city. He was more handsome and compelling and his dignity made him more arrogant looking while she is just the heiress of the xiao family. He had an impeccable reputation. All the women in the world would scream desperately when they saw him, but she didn't. Jingyi Wang cared and treated her like a Queen. He made her the envy of all the women, but there was one problem- she never loved him because her heart belongs to only one person. But this jingyi was just too sweet to her. He used his possessive love and supreme power lure her heart step by step. --- "Si... Sir... Young master Wang, please, I can't give birth to your child. There are other women in the city. I don't think I fit your status" li xiao said and lowered her head. Jingyi put his bony fingers under her chin and lifted her delicate face. He gazed into his eyes and said, "I want only you to give birth to my child" Follow me on Instagram- author_toriatim Read my other books; The Deity In Her Heart Trapped By My Arrogant Lover Note: This is an ordinary story by me (Toriatim) and not a translation. The cover is not mine. Credit to the owner. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/RvPutEhc

    Toriatim · Urban
  • Beast Of The Night (Book 1: Love and Betrayal)

    Rebekah Miklaus, an omega warrior, is tasked with hunting down the most dangerous rogue wolves. When her alpha commands her to kill the night beast terrorizing their pack or witness her family offered as food, she faces a daunting choice. Forced into the most challenging task of her life—killing the unseen night beast—she accepts the challenge. Unfortunately, her plan goes awry as she is ambushed, ending up knocked out and awakening in dungeons the next day. Chained and slated for execution by an unknown pack, she faces an uncertain fate. To her surprise, the pack's leader is revealed to be a lycan king, a figure only existing in the stories of her childhood. As their eyes meet, an unexpected circumstance unfolds, and she hears words she never anticipated in her entire life: "Mate."

    joy_chigo · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Betrayed by the Beta!

    Cassie is demoralized, beaten down, defeated, then she rises from the ashes of rejection to discover the truth behind the mate bond, the unavoidable connection that comes from finding her other half. But will she allow herself that joy? Follow Cassie and she finds herself and the family she never expected, through her losses and her gains, will she find her happily ever after?

    Damsell · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Gene Gamer

    *On Hiatus* Name: Dimension Devouring Ghost In the year 3650, humanity has conquered the universe, only to find out that they were the only intelligent species in existence. Unfortunately, the mystery they had known as the universe was nothing special. There was no extraordinary or the existence of special power. Even if there was, the human body was too weak to handle them. Therefore, they started out the project - B.S. in desperation with the goal of finding the extraordinary and prolonging their lives. Fortunately, right after a century, they had succeeded. They had successfully failed. Their success didn't bring any joy nor any happiness. Instead, it was the grievance and suffering that lasted for a millennium. But after the grievance was the joy that they had been desperately waiting for. Joy that they had finally discovered extraordinary that had the quality that allowed even humans to reach it and grab it for themselves. Now in this age and world, the orphan, Cylius will set sail on the grand of adventures. ... Read the auxiliary chapter first. ... Join discord https://discord.gg/8WxtGKk Not my picture. If the owner wish to take it down, I will do so. ... Currently being rewritten.

    Ordinarystranger71 · Fantasy
  • Days In Beautiful World

    Embark on an enchanting journey where a regular girl finds herself in a beautiful world, unexpectedly becoming the mate of a lone lion. Despite the odd situation, her unique talent and notebook help her thrive in this charming world. As she explores this beautiful world, she use her skil to making delicious food, and fancy clothes, and a grand mansion, she encounters various non-human creatures—a cunning fox, a friendly gray wolf, and a gentle black panther, each adding their own flavor to the story. Amidst these adventures, a confident lion announcing her as his mate, roars: "You are my mate!", leading to a heartwarming story. The narrative unfolds as a delightful mix of close connections, surprising joys, and the resilience it takes to start fresh in a world brimming with charm and challnges. Come witness the happy life of a girl surrounded by cute creatures, and join in the fun of this easy-to-follow tale blending whimsy, adventure, and the joy of finding happiness in unexpected places.

    ShadiScribe · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • No Love or Joy: My Flash Marriage Husband Is a Bigshot!

    For ten years, Yan Shu groveled and worshipped Gu Yucheng, eagerly discussing marriage with him. However, she stumbled upon a scene of Gu Yucheng with his close female friend. To resolve the pressure from her family to get married, Yan Shu turned around and accepted the proposal from her terminally ill suitor. She thought it would be a marriage of convenience that benefitted both parties, but little did she know that she would be pampered to the extreme after marriage. When Gu Yucheng saw his ex-girlfriend shining brightly by the side of a billionaire, he seethed with jealousy.

    Thousand Trees · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Joy and Happiness

    Joe Chen is not a handsome guy, but is always mistaken as one.... David Ji is the best friend who made it that way because of a silly friendship vow.... Joe secretly loves her best friend.... Kenji Ji saw Joe despite her handsome facade and had loved her for years.... Christine Wei came into the picture because she fell in love with David.... David fell for Christine.... What will happen to Joe? Will Kenji confess? Who will David choose? Will Christine persist? ***** Okay, so now what? Who’s going to end up with whom? This is a story of joy and happiness of friendship and first love. Come join them as their hearts get dizzy with overwhelming happiness and knife-like piercing pain in this roller coaster of emotions. Which pair would you ship? ***** Credits to the couple's picture who inspired the cover.

    Izavelle_Brielle · Teen
    Not enough ratings
  • Joy of Life Drama

    Based on the hit 2017 web novel Qing Yu Nian by Mao Ni, Joy of Life (庆余年) tells the story of Fan Xian (Zhang Ruoyun), who wakes up as a baby in the Qing Dynasty with the knowledge of a 20-something year old man from the 21st century. Armed with his quick wit and natural intellect, the story follows Fan Xian’s adventures in this new world as he rises to be a hero in his own right, eventually coming head-to-head with the Emperor (Chen Daoming) himself.  This show premiered on Tencent Video and iQiyi in November of 2019 and ran for 46 episodes in total. This is the first season of three, and will only cover part of the original web novel. Joy of Life received very positive reactions from viewers, who were especially impressed with how well the novel was adapted into the pacing of the show. The cast is stacked with some of China’s most well known actors and actresses, and the writing has a perfect blend of drama and comedy.

    Jared_Ji · History
    Not enough ratings
  • Domineering Love

    (Pampered Love Story, 1v1) "Little one, trying to make a run for it?" A chance encounter led her to a frigid and self-disciplined big boss. She found herself overwhelmed during the day and at night... "Darling, come here..." "No!" A particular lady stood her ground, leaning against the head of the bed and refusing to give in! "Defying me once again? Very well..." After gently pressing her against the headboard, the woman accused, "William Griffith, you're a beast without shame or modesty!" "It's time to give little Lewis a brother or sister! Now, let's continue." Give birth again? What a jest! Noooo... she wasn't having any of it! This is a tale of intrigue and being caught up in intrigue. Later on, Cherish Turner came to appreciate that falling for one person's schemes in her lifetime was an extraordinary experience.

    Little Joy · General
    Not enough ratings
  • Grey’s Obsession

    Billionaire, Grey Carter grows heartless after watching his mother murdered in cold blood, his thirst for revenge makes him push everybody away much to his father's dismay. Mr Carter(Grey's father) has tried to make Grey fall in love for years but failed and finally decided to give him an ultimatum, get married for one year or loose the family business.Grey offers Bella Casey who had just being fired from work and was in desperate need of money a contract marriage because she has to pay off the loan shark she was owing. Will this contracted marriage lead to word full of love and roses for Bella? Or a life full of trials?Will Grey Carter finally have his revenge?

    Joy_Ledum · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Joy Of Manipulation

    Main character Hyun-ki Quote "A Man Can Be Destroyed But Not Being Defeated" Hyun-ki is a high school student who appears nerdy and studious, but in reality, he is someone to be feared. Even the school's higher-ups are afraid of him because he is obsessed with controlling people's lives. He manipulates people's minds with tricks, but everything changes when a transfer student named Mi-cha arrives at the school. Hyun-ki becomes close to her and her new friend Hyun-ae, who has a past with Hyun-ki's best friend Mun-hee. The four friends go to university together, and their lives become messy due to Hyun-ki's manipulations. However, something unexpected happens that even Hyun-ki didn't plan for. Now he must figure out how to fix the situation. Will he change his plans or find a new way to manipulate the situation?

    Oussama_Chikri · Teen