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Despite its flaws, this is a better example of the topic of exploiting knowledge of the future for your advantage, which is rather frustrating. The first few chapters have a terrific opening and a really badass MC, but after that, the characters get more 2D and expendable, there is a lot of face-slapping, and the MC starts bragging. The main character doesn't give a damn whether his actions change the outcome; in fact, he welcomes them as brand-new opportunities to take advantage of. It occasionally falls victim to a Deus ex machina, where he easily finds the blueprint, he needs or unearths a prize that helps him in his future conflict. However, I appreciate his unusual thinking and the answers he proposes. It also doesn't appear to have been created on the spot because there is evidence of foreshadowing and references to earlier characters and storylines, which indicate there was at least some thought behind it. There are some amusing and a few marginally thought-provoking moments, but overall, you get the incredibly frustrating sense that you were duped, which is extremely upsetting. It's not a bad story, don't get me wrong, but it reads more like a wuxia novel than a science fiction one. This tale has so much untapped potential, and a lot of it feels like it was taken advantage of by the author before being given flimsy explanations for why and how it is happening. If we examine this book from the viewpoint of the actual army and other characters, we can see that the main character is incredibly stupid, immature, and crazy. Even though I enjoy Smart MC and am fine with him being crazy, it worries me when you show that a random player with average talent is smarter than the officers, the government, etc. It's a completely different story. Basically, I believe the author has a weak understanding of reality.


The Legendary Mechanic

Qi Peijia

Liked it!

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