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Completed review: The Legendary Mechanic is very broad, with characters and concepts that try to drive home the fact that the MC and his story is just one piece of an ever evolving galaxy. There is a very clearly defined power system in place from the beginning, and the MC puts a lot of effort into rigging the scales the whole time. There is no 'power of friendship' wins here, there's a lot of intentional misdirection and misinformation that the MC uses to ensure they don't get into fights they can't win. As for the story itself, it works, but it can feel a bit disconnected from arc to arc at times. Some characters that are central antagonists or key allies will simply get outscaled faster than their story can progress, meaning their plot threads do not conclude in a satisfying way, or at all in a few glaring cases. At the same time, this is somewhat how real life is. Sometimes the plots of men simply never amount to anything. Sometimes things change, and life does not always wrap up neatly. Still, it stings to see key characters just, evaporate without any notice. [Aroshia was one of my favorites... at least she gets a mention at the very end, even if she didn't speak, or appear at all for hundreds of chapters.] All together, it's not extraordinarily deep, but it's still fun.


The Legendary Mechanic

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