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I've decided to write a review to explain a few things about this novel, leaving actual reviews to the community! I'll start with telling you guys that this is not a 'sm ut' novel, but it has a sm ut element, meaning the hot action scene won't fade to black once heroines reach intimitate level with mc. Focus of the story, however, remains on the plot, characters, action, and world building :) Main character, Benjamin, is overpowered, but he has a lot of room to grow, both power-wise and personality-wise :D The same goes for heroines. The world building is currently focused(at the time of writing this review) on to the shrine and each heroine, so I won't expand too much on that, but the uncanny schemes mentioned in the first chapter has conjured a lot of world and mess to look forward to. For instance, this is the reason some people know Benjamin :D There's no yuri or ntr, in case you're wondering.


Overgearing Heroines


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Will it have promiscuous heroines or inexperienced ones? milfs are fine cause they were married. but if the heroines had flings in the past that just makes me uncomfortable and before someone starts throwing insults at me, just stop. I do not think that a woman's worth lies in her chastity but that is something precious that should only be given to someone you truly love not some random dude

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