Overgearing Heroines Book

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Overgearing Heroines


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Benjamin's starting point is the shrine of three deities handled by three sister priestesses? Appearing in a fantasy world and receiving a mythical subclass, World Menace Investor(which allows him to invest in others and receive various boons and skills back), alongside a mission to be a side character to propel residents of the fantasy world, thanks to his achievements in virtual reality games, Benjamin's life is turned upside down. No longer a guild leader with a high level and tons of strength, will his skills and experience from virtual games cut it in a real fantasy world where one wrong move means death? But more importantly, how come a few residents of this fantasy are aware of his past game strength and fame? How is it that his monicker, The Executioner, is known and feared across the world? Weren't those just virtual games? Wasn't he just a top player and guild leader of one of the best guilds, all in virtual, fake worlds? Unveil the truth alongside Benjamin as his new life takes off in the shrine maintained by three sisters, each following a different deity and being a protagonist of their own story!