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This is on Fanfiction.net guys. Also are you just uploading it or gonna do something with the fanfic? I'm guessing your just uploading. you should give credit were it's due.

Naruto: son of Morning Star


Liked it!




okay so I don't repeat this on every single one but I will say this every now and then when I first start writing one or actually taking it from fanfic and putting it on here I'm not doing this to get credit I'm just doing this so other people can have a little more access to the story that might not find it otherwise and the only reason I'm doing this is because I enjoy the story and I've said this a few times when I'm posting a new one or a different one that I am not the author of the stories and if they want to find this story they can go on fanfic and type in the name I put down or if I can't put down the exact name that's on there if they will ask for it I will give them the original name that was on this but sometimes I can't put that down like the one I just posted, there was another story that had a name I guess similar to it or the same as it and it wouldn't allow me to post it under the original story