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The synopsis, the grammar all of it were great but to me I care more about the story when the story makes sense. I don't know about you guys but for me this is a failure, the mc was a half demon that spent most of his time hiding because humans killed his kind on sight. He tries to help a child, the child goes back to his village and reports him, he is captured and tortured so much that he screams and beg till he reaches a point where no sound leaves his mouth, then a woman comes gives him a false sense hope just to shutter it the next moment, calls him a pathetic being and kills him in the most brutal way possible. After that he wakes up only to find himself ALIVE and is attending one of the best academies in the human kingdom as a human. At this point you would expect him to have so much hatred towards humans for making him hide, the discrimination he faced, killing his mother, killing his kind, and for his unjustified death but no he's behaving like nothing happened and already starts to trust the same humans who are ready to go to any length to kill his race even those that are innocent. People how is this possible no way someone who suffered so much would be that stable and not affected by treatment he received, he only gets panic attacks a few times but he behavior is like he was always a human and a pathetic one. I believe it would have been better if he set a goal to get his revenge for the cruelty he faced and start a carnage when he becames strong enough. As I said before I would rather read a story with bad grammar rather than a story that doesn't make sense, so for me the 7th chapter is enough.


Dark Descendant


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Thanks for the honest review. His goal is to remake the world under his definition of “peace” but you haven’ t reached there yet. I agree that the beginning makes him so pathetic, but he slowly turns into the demon he is while he unlocks more of power. But thanks for review.


i was saved ..thanks dont't wana waste my time on pathetic novel with pathetic author


my guy it's not that deep

isktrion:i was saved ..thanks dont't wana waste my time on pathetic novel with pathetic author