Dark Descendant Book

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Dark Descendant


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In the Magic Realm, mana exists as the main component of life. Those born with it are called magic users and they are capable of controlling the godly power known as magic. For centuries, the human race has fought against the demons, a powerful and gruesome race that was born from the Dark Realm; and with the help of the gods, the human magic users were granted gifts known as skills that played a huge role in those wars against the demons. Ash was a product of the first war. And after being discovered as a half-demon, he is killed by a silver-haired mage who held the power of the sky in her hand. But thanks to a twist in fate, he is reincarnated as Arthur Bellrock, an orphaned weak magic user with a brilliant mind and the ability to use incantationless magic. With this second chance, he intends to break through the obstacles in this new life and acquire the power to even defy the gods in order to continue having these luxuries and possibly have his revenge someday. But power comes with a price…. PS: the cover is not mine