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only thing I don't like is the loner settings given to the mc...like a gimmick 😶 If not the whole fic would be amazing 😍 the mc skill should be mainly useful only in the upper floor or system should compensate with too op op op skill to make up for the team mates or mc abandons the skills and get a team mate or author not plans to continue the story to the lower floors... too poor planing of the skills. ....assuming he will get aoe attacks skill and need too much magic power , auxiliary skills ,etc ....and also close combat skills...unless he get like gate of Babylon ,a loner mc is not going to work.... assuming the mc with his loner settings somehow made to the 40th floor ,he is surrounded by thousands of monsters 👹 and with his magic skill which attach mental power to swords to remotely attack 😀 use inventory space to store swords like a nerfed version of gate of Babylon. ..or mc will get a broad sword turning into Chinese fic for sword surfing 🏄‍♂️ ...its really giving me goosebumps.... as I said "loner" settings is like a gimmick or a word play...wheather mc's skill get works only on pvp or p v monsters , the team mates like should not help defeat the monsters to work but can linger around him to help him in dire situations. too much bugs on settings ..... and lastly talk about the world settings ...danmachi.."Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"! due to mc loner settings , the author should use too much coincidence to get mc acting as a hero to save a girl from danger, if there is and he cannot act or teamup with other heroine's due to loner settings and mc combat skills. ...


Loner in Danmachi


Liked it!




Wow i have no clue what this comment even wants to say


sorry abt that....I know u will get confused if u read this....u have get into the story to have a general idea 💡abt this fic....just read 10 to 15 chapters and come back to my comments u will get it...

lazyvampiredemonas:Wow i have no clue what this comment even wants to say

so basically, the mc's skills are not matching up with the actual story and its too unrealistic?