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So far, it's a really satisfying read for me personally because I have been craving a novel with an extremely lucky mc. Just a brainrot, dumb, slice of life silly novel.I am only 10 or so chapters in so the review may changes but so far:Pros: Light readEntertaining Interesting conceptCons:character development???world building???mc where are your emotions?Overall, it's a decent novel and im quite enjoying reading it to pass time. However, it is a very surface level book and based on other reviews I have read, this book seems to do a poor job at explaining different aspects.And, from what I have read, this mc doesn't seem to be surprised at the new world? Astonishment? Excitement? Fear? Nothing, cardboard mc but you know what, it's what I'm enjoying currently. Light easy read that you shouldn't think too hard about. I give it a 6.8/10

Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master


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