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It's fine. Not super amazing, but not horrible either. It's non offensive. MC has no particular personality but is also not brain dead . The supporting cast.... Exists. But it also hasn't got any presence. The bar is very low, and it manages pass it


Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

A Green Bird

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Update on my thoughts : The extensive detail is getting annoying I don't care that he got 15973 units if stone through trade. Half of you didn't even read that number. So it's pointless for it to be there, all it does is inflate the words In the same vain , having a tier level , subdivided into 3 sub levels sounds good , until you read your 5th "Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade " and your brain starts to want to filter it out


!! 500 chapter update !! ->The author is still obsessed with numbers. Number of new recruits. People that advanced. Resources dropped. Sales. Everything that can have a number WILL have a number. ->the "potential" tab is absolutely pointless. The author tries to make it seem important but no one is ever limited by their potential . Their potential is just raised by one way or another ->there is a lot of repetition Messages that should be skipped cause they add nothing are still written in full even after the 10th time they appear. Also the summoning gate. It needs to be on the same level as the territory. That is established in the first few chapters. But the author keeps having him walk up to it, see what it needs to upgrade and realize that he needs to first upgrade the territory. Every single time. ->the side characters are just a little more fleshed out. They don't really have personality traits other than "loyal" but they don't blend in with one another.