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I am sure i used to read one of your other novels too and the same problem happened here too, there is very little world building , nothing interesting happened even after reading upto 17 chapters. There is nothing to keep readers retention. I know i am judging it too early but there is nothing interesting happening to keep me entertained in frist few chapters although the concept of the novel is nice but for now all these summons and stuffs feels pretty pointless when there is nothing going on in the world and the missions given by system are pretty meh. There are lots of stuffs which can make this interesting with the abilities he got but the story looks pretty meh for now. I will try to read more and if it gets improved i will edit my review but for now my review is : Concept is good , Story is monotonous and not interesting , characters are good but their dialogue doesnot matches with their original characters.


Reality Master: Multiversal Summon


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