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This one is very good, I give it 5 stars, it has its problems but I recommend it to everyone. PROS: * Mc gets OP very fast and keeps getting More OP very good * The story is very interesting and holds you to read more. CONS: * The power system is very confusing and poorly explained, especially the magic system. an ex of that is that the awakening class is at level 10, but there are 3 secret levels, so the maximum level before awakening is 13. equals your bodily power is level 13. But the magician he levels more than 20 times before awakening and reaches the level 3 mythical mage, which should be level 13 mythical equal to corporal level 13 mythical. * It's not a cons in itself, but a fear of the author dropping the book as he has already dropped two other books, the author is great, but he's afraid of doing it again. But the story is very good, I recommend it.

Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!


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