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Author here hi!!! I keep seeing authors leaving their own reviews of their books so I thought I'd do the same! I will not sugarcoat my own characters as they all have flaws and some aspects are not consistent. As much as I try, they have their own flaws, as a character, but also that me as an author might have made through their design. I am not planning on dropping this book, it's a long term project but I also don't know when the day I will be able to stably updated will be. I tried but I am also human and currently an emotionally unstable highschool student. Both my writing and characters have their own flaws I will admit that but I am trying to improve. So far I have the plot and some details worked out as well as some chapters written. There are....alot of plot holes as of right now that I will hopefully work out as I write. This story isnt perfect, but it's mine. Most of the stories I will publish all have been thought out, but I don't have much talent or motivation. I love writing but I can't guarantee my updating stability or quality, but I will try. So, uh....Stick with me through this journey?

Medical Cultivator?


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