Medical Cultivator?

Author: chaosgoddess
Fantasy Romance
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What is Medical Cultivator?

Read Medical Cultivator? novel written by the author chaosgoddess on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, cultivation, sliceoflife, villain, immortal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A genius poison expert had worked hard to raise her level to gather supplies for her studies. However, since she prefered poison, many magic schools gained up on her to force her to her end. After her death she found herself in a strange world of 'cultivators'. Yinyue: ..... Not bothering to raise her cultivation base, Yinyue continued her poison studies with the help of her soul bound space. With old and new medical ingredients, she simply wants to gain knowledge but somehow she was now a respected senior in the cultivation world?? Yinyue: ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ update goal: twice a week not a chinese novel just a chinese inspired one wee I'll try to make this pretty fast paced and keep every chapter 1,000-2,000 words for you all. status: currently stockpiling chapters

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Author here hi!!! I keep seeing authors leaving their own reviews of their books so I thought I'd do the same! I will not sugarcoat my own characters as they all have flaws and some aspects are not consistent. As much as I try, they have their own flaws, as a character, but also that me as an author might have made through their design. I am not planning on dropping this book, it's a long term project but I also don't know when the day I will be able to stably updated will be. I tried but I am also human and currently an emotionally unstable highschool student. Both my writing and characters have their own flaws I will admit that but I am trying to improve. So far I have the plot and some details worked out as well as some chapters written. There are....alot of plot holes as of right now that I will hopefully work out as I write. This story isnt perfect, but it's mine. Most of the stories I will publish all have been thought out, but I don't have much talent or motivation. I love writing but I can't guarantee my updating stability or quality, but I will try. So, uh....Stick with me through this journey?


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