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I had high hopes for this novel, but as I kept reading (until chapter 230) I got more and more frustrated with the constant face slapping, young masters who are more arrogant and entitled than the Son of Heaven, and rampant two-faced corrupt characters at every turn. The MC is supposedly 30 years old, but behaves like a teenager, and there's a ton of unnecessary drama, which have no meaning to the plot. In time I just got fed up with the constant corruption at every level, and then having the MC pull a deus ex machina to get out of trouble by involving his girlfriend. This story is like fast food - feels okay to read a couple of chapters, but after that you quickly get tired of the rehashed and repetitive corrupt, entitled, arrogant, and ego-centric characters who are more shallow than a piece of paper. And don't get me started on how everything is solved with violence at every turn in a modern developed society. One thing I learned when reading this joke, is that corruption is rampant in China and everything is solved by oppressing the weak. In short, trash story with no character development, 2d cardboard copy characters, repetitive non-sensical plot. 2.4/5


My Rich Wife

Taibai And A Qin

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Wow that will sound harsh in the mind off a beginner who's only read less than 20 chapters and thinks is a super novel 😂😂😂. But on another note can you please lend me some coins so i can open more chapters? pleaaaaasssssseeeee🙏


I believe you. Just by reading the early chapters I already can see the pattern of the writer, Ruthless and Sadistic towards MC for no apparent reason Thank you for the review so that I dont waste my time and money on this novel