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Not a shameless Review here (: Writing Quality: 4 Stars I spend more time on plot rather than detail but I do know I will only have a few grammatical errors although I do check over my work. Stability of Updates: 3 Stars I'll be honest, I have dropped 2 Stories Already, I have school and I'm busy with more things, but I will stock up on chapters early so I can have more time in a way. Story Development: 4 Stars As I said I spend more time on the plot, making Docs on plot ideas that come to mind and writing more on it. I have some interesting ideas sometimes you know (: however some people may not like it and I'm ok with that, I'm writing for fun. Character Design: 4 Stars I spend time writing side characters but sometimes I'm Lazy you know so there might not be character development for all side characters but for sure the mc. World Background: 5 Stars Ohohoho, I've spent a long time making the World Background Simple but having detail which this Story has one in my opinion. It's a Cultivation World, but there are Elements.


The Elemental Rulers


Liked it!




no harem btw (: