The Elemental Rulers Book

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The Elemental Rulers


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Long ago the 7 Elements chose 7 Humans to inherit their powers, they went on to create legends and become Heroes creating the Cultivation System and Cultivation Techniques. They are known as the 7 Elemental Rulers. Xian Hei, a young boy determined to become a strong Elementalist like the Elemental Rulers. After awakening his Element he goes on to create a legend in this World as the Strongest Elementalist to Exist... ************************************************* Read the book, leave a review and maybe your power stones hehe. I like the novel, hope you do too. I barely have writing experience so you might not be that interested at the beginning of the book, but it'll get better. I have some interesting ideas every now and then. The Cover isn't mine, I merely just wrote on top of it, if you're the owner and want it to not be used, let me know in advance.


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