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Brazil here!!! I'm loving this story so much you can see that the author is learning and maturing with each chapter. Can improve? He can. But I love to follow this evolution. If I can make a suggestion, I would like to see more care in explaining the evolutions, without rushing. I would also like to see Kevin's mother marry Solomon and have a child. What would Kevin's reaction be to having a brother, before he had kids of his own. I would like another world to appear before the final conflict, which enters into dispute to dominate Kevin's planet, and he wants to defend his new home. Before going into the Titans arc, or the Titans arc taking a break, to introduce that development, I would love to see that as well. Anyway, congratulations on the work, it's very nice to read. And it would be cool if some fujoshi like me made arts to illustrate the characters too. hahahahah I love this BL story so much.


My Mage System (BL)


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