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The story is good overall, but it has a lot of annoying or pointless things. 1-mc being a dog of the underworld and he could ask his father-in-law for help. 2-father-in-law being the government's dog and letting his family fuck themselves, when he could destroy the government. 3-Every fight the mc is broken because of the technique that makes the body stronger and smoke comes out, but after that it becomes a useless malnourished, this technique is idiotic, it's not worth using it to have a lot of power for a few minutes and then stay a trash. 4- One of the most annoying things, mc takes action for one reason and the next is doing something opposite. Ex: chapter +-399, MC returns hidden to his country because the government of the CONTINENT is after him girlfriend and mother-in-law. first he leaves his brother-in-law behind saying he's safe, and of course he's not safe, the government sent people to kill him and his mother-in-law why not have the other one killed who is in like. then he returns hidden on the flight, takes clandestine tickets ok, covers his face ok, but everyone at the airport observes the rest of his girlfriend and mother-in-law congratulations for the description, and now in his country the friend says that people were excited about his return to his country, and MC still says he wants to go to his school, he was supposed to hide in a fucking hole, or go to another continent or stay on the grandmaster's island. but isn't he exposed because in his country there are only weak people, but won't the fucking continent government send someone strong after him? and ridiculous why hide if it's going to reveal itself soon after? half the world wants to kill him and whoever is close to him, instead of taking everyone important to him and fleeing to another continent he only goes to his family so that everyone is in more danger.

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